Charmed Life?


So, I've finally broken down and got a copy of the new edition, love it, but am running up against the inevitable change angst. I can't help but notice that my favourite virtue, charmed life, seems to be absent. Anyone know of discussion on this, or whether it will resurface later on? I've searched, but found nothing.


A Fifth Edition version of this Virtue is in Houses of Hermes: True Lineages, page 104, one of the Heroic Virtues of House Mercere.

Charmed Life
Major , Heroic

Fortune smiles upon you , often protecting you from the random consequences of adventure.
You have the Luck virtue ,
and whenever you roll a 0 on a stress die in dangerous or deadly circumstances ,
you may spend a Confidence Point to reroll it
rather than checking for a botch.
This should be applied in chaotic circumstances ,
not calculated efforts ,
since luck must play a factor to make use of this virtue -
for example ,
charging into a rain of arrows or diving off a sheer cliff
are appropriate actions ,
but not forging a letter or following a set of tracks.

Hmmm, thanks. HOHTL looks like the next purchase.

So, can lineage virtues be taken by non-lineage magi, or are they exclusive?

In terms of conversion, what seems to be the emerging consensus on changes of this sort - simply exchange the virtue for an equivalent, or what?


Not having done any conversions , i can't be sure.
But doing a straight swap for the equivalent seems best.
Says the Virtues and Flaws are most often found in House Mercere ,
but are not exclusive to that House.
Heroic Virtues and Flaws are part of being a Mythic Companion with the Blood of Heroes virtue.
There are 04 Major Heroic and 06 Minor Heroic virtues.

They are also available to magi with Mythic Blood. Or, obviously, if the SG agrees that it makes sense for the character to have it.