Charmion the Water Nymph (Draft)

Following on from the Covenant Design Discussion thread, here's my concept for the patron nymph as a companion-level player character.

Using the prestige system, this is a character who actively wants to become more powerful, so if she succeeds in her ambitions she'd end up being worth more prestige points than at the start.

Charmion the Water Nymph

Faerie Might: 10 (Aquam) +10 in her spring

Int 0
Per 0
Pre +3
Com +1
Str 0
Sta 0
Dex 0
Qik 0

Increased Faerie Might (1)
Place of Power (her spring and regio) (1)
Faerie Sight (1)
Faerie Speech (1)
Humanoid Faerie (1)
Greater Faerie Power (3)

Passes for Human (free)
Narrowly Cognizant (free)
Observant (free)

Traditional Ward (religious symbols) (-1)
Restricted Might (winter) (-3)
Driven (to be worshipped as a goddess again) (-3)
Social Handicap (knowledge of society is 1000 years out of date) (-1)

Personality traits:
Proud +3, Benevolent +2, Jealous +2

Faerie Speech 5 (divine pronouncements)
Music 5 (singing)
Swim 5 (underwater)
Athletics 3 (grace)
Awareness 3 (humans)
Charm 3 (potential worshippers)
Leadership 3 (inspiration)
Folk Ken 3 (peasants)
Brawl 3 (dodging)
Etiquette 2 (worshippers)

Enthralling Sound
3 points, Init -3, Mentem
Can create infatuation by singing and dancing. RoP:F p. 58
(Costs 30 spell levels)
Penetration: 0, or 5 in her spring

Mighty Torrent of Water
2 points, Init -2, Aquam
As the spell, ArM5 p. 121
(Costs 20 spell levels)
Penetration: 0, or 10 in her spring

Charmion is a nymph who has lived in the mountain spring for thousands of years. She resides in a Faerie regio whose entrance is hidden underwater in the spring.

In pre-Roman times, Charmion was a local folk tale, a beautiful maiden occasionally glimpsed by shepherds near the river. In Roman times she came to be worshipped as a minor deity, and her worshippers established a temple around the spring. Her worshippers included wizards of the Cult of Mercury, who either created or were drawn to the Magical aura outside her regio. Charmion was indifferent to the magical content of her worshippers' rites, but she gained vitality from their religious emotions and grew strong. She would appear to them on certain holy days, but sparingly: she gained as much vitality from their anticipation of her appearance as she did from their emotions when seeing her.

When the Roman Empire adopted Christianity, Charmion's cult vanished. Without the vitality of her worshippers, she slowly lessened in power. She continued to appear to local people, as she had in the days before her cult, but she hated Christianity and so demanded that anyone she interacted with renounce it. Locals came to believe that she was a succubus tempting people away from Christ, and people avoided the spring, further starving her of vitality.

Charmion hungers to regain the power she had in the Roman days. She recognises Hermetic magi as being akin to her Mercurian cultists, so she has offered to be the covenant's patron in the hope that the magi will either restore something like her Roman cult, or help her become more powerful in another way. She does not demand that the magi themselves worship her or renounce Christianity, but she does demand that they treat her with respect and not openly wear religious symbols in her presence. She is prepared to leave her spring to travel with the magi on adventures, if by doing so she would play an appropriate role in their stories.

Added first draft game stats.

Now you have 420 points in pretenses to assign.

I've added Pretences, and also noted the penetration for her abilities (normally 0).

looks good, let's post her to companions.