Charter discussion

This thread is for discussing the covenant charter.

Some questions to consider ...

  1. How do we distribute "excess" vis?
  2. How do we determine use of resources (vis, summae, etc) if two magi request the item in the same season?
  3. Is there a season of service requirement for members? Do members get paid for this service?
  4. What is the governance structure for the covenant?

Are we planning to use the sample charter from Covenants?

  1. I would suggest evenly.'
  2. If the Magi can't sort it out themselves I suppose we'll need some form of council to resolve disputes, perhaps with either magi offering a particular service to the whole of the covenant in exchange for the good or some simple deliberation of popular vote. If all else fails Certamen always resolves a dispute.
  3. Yeah, we should probably have a few things like all members are required to provide lab texts of their known spells for the covenant library at the very least, but I'm haappy to discuss anything else we think is appropriate. Perhaps a season each to ensure that our vis soruces are protected as we are not well loved.
  4. I was thinking a council system, where all full members (full member requirement can be something like non-apprentice Magi that has been in the covenant for more than X year(s) and has provided something of value to the covenant) have a seat on the council and can propose/vote on issues before the covenant.