Chi and/or Fu question

I have a player who is playing an Old Master, chi 0 fu 10. The group has a feng site and the player wants to raise their chi. They were rather impressed by the gamblers use of Forutne points in a recent gunfight. So my question is, once the old master buys a point of Chi will they be able to spend that point to power fu abilities? Not a big deal either way but I was wondering.


The old master has Chi 10 (both Magic and Fu 10) but Fortune 0, so he would have to buy just Fortune, which shouldn't raise Fu. Fortune would probably still be 0 if he raised Chi to 11. Otherwise, as for the ninja (with Chi 0 and Fu 7), I would say no. It's more of a gut feeling (when I'm reading on page 14) then something that is stated in the book.

It says that the secondary attributes are inheritated from the primary attribute, so my conclusion is that lower numbers can't be inheritated?

Hmm my bad on the old master. :blush: Thanks for the catch. Why do you say that the Ninja would not gain a fortune point if they raise their chi? Admittedly a 'lucky' Ninja would be odd but it's no odder that a Ninja with a Mag stat. Hmm wasn't there a arcano-ninja somewhere? Relatively low arcanowave skill but they had a Mag stat to allow extra effot.

Sorry for the vagueness. Can't really access the books at work.

No, I'm ahh... eeh.. Yes, he would get a fortune point, but it's half the experience cost to raise only Fortune, so buying that alone is a better catch.

(I think I have to do something about Fortune, because my Fu-player whines over the lack of fortune points too. Either making Fortune less good or boosting up the Fu-powers [that I don't really like]).

Work? I'm almost falling asleep here. ^^

Be careful you don't nerf fortune to much though. It's the only thing that keeps Gamblers alive. 8)

I say let the fu player buy a couple points in fortune. it will make him/her more useful out of combat and slow their progression to combat monster status. I know when I play the first thing I do is drop a point or 2 in fortune. It is just too useful in too many places. I kind of see it as the 'normal' persons edge. The Fu - Fortune - Mag relationship is one of the weaker aspects of the game. Ive thought of just removing them. Calling it all Chi and leting it go, but i'm just not sure.