Chimera heartbeast - suggestions ?

Salve sodales,

If your heartbeast is let's say a shark (white shark), what "noble" example would you see as a chimera inner heartbeast?
I have really big troubles to find anything with this kind of "fish" outer heartbeast since it must be at least 50% of the result.

My "rhinoceros body + shark head" don't match, nor my "elephant + shark head" ^^... do you have any suggestion?

Thanks for your advice.

The need for streamlining means most aquatic heartbeasts don't really work well with chimera. However, there are a couple which may work -

  • combining with snake to make a sea serpent with a shark's forequarters - this would fit nicely with sea or lake monster myths.
  • combining with a crocodile to make a streamlined, finned mouth full of teeth covered in scales.
  • combining with an octopus to make a sea monster with a vicious shark mouth where the beak of a giant octopus would be - the effect would be like something out of a knockoff Cthulhu story, but quite impressive to look at.
    If you push it slightly, maybe the narwhal is actually a whale/horned beast cross which is why they look like sea unicorns.

I believe that a creature with a shark's head and a tentacled octopus body is known as a "lusca", a cryptid from the Caribbean. (Descriptions vary, the octopus part is constant.) And so a perfectly good choice for a mythic beast. (Perhaps some Viking explorer saw one. Worse, maybe it followed him home.)

I really like that creature. It's so cool.


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