Circle warding level

In the core rulebook, page 120, creating a guard circle, it is stated that the creature's Power level must be greater than the spell level to overcome the protection.

When we speak of level, do we mean the final level of the spell or the base effect?

The spell's level must be equal or higher than the Might of the creature to be warded against, but do note that the spell also needs to Penetrate the MR, so essentially, your Casting Total should be Twice their Might.


Fundamentally it is calculated from base effect. You do not protect against more powerful beings by covering a larger area.

If you do a dissection of the numbers, the Wards vs Mighty creatures are calculated at Touch + Ring + Circle.

Actually, now that I'm examining it, it's stated in another part of the Spells chapter.

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While it is not clearly stated anywhere, General Wards all use the 'Ward Spells Guideline' as pointed out by Raccoon which means their actual perpetrator is effectively (level + 3 Mags). The way described for calculating it however is to modify the level by the change to R/D/T from its default T/R/C

A Personal/Diameter/Individual Ward with a level 10 would affect beings with 20 Might or less and its Formula would be "Base 20, -1 Personal, -1 Diameter".