Circle warping

A random thought occured to me.

If my magus sticks a circle/ring ward vs spirits around his lab and stays there for a year, does he accumulate warping?

The spell doesn't actually affect him (unless he gets himself possessed) but he is still in it.

Secondly if the spell were a circle/ring ward to repel humans, cast with sufficient penetration to consistently affect our magus, would it affect him? After all the spell only prevents passage across its borders, does it affect a chap inside those borders?

Tricky question. Circle target "affects everything within a ring". So warding rings protect not only the boulders but the whole ring.
A spell which affects spirits will not affect people. So I think the magus isn't under its effect.
The same case would happen in the case of aegis but neither aegis cause warping.

ReCo affects him and the effect of the spell is continuous while he's in the ring. So it will cause warping.
EDIT: If he resists the ReCo spell it doesn't effect him and cause no warping.

I'd say no.. the spell again isn't affecting directly what's inside.. it only affects them if they're trying to get in/out .. and unless he's just leaning against an invisible ward all year round, no, it shouldn't warp him at all.

But yes, it doesn't matter how many spells you've got on a room, all that matters is whether they affect the magus directly. You can make a spell to heat a room to a comfortable temperature.. no warping.. if the spell makes any people in the room comfortably warm.. he's getting warping, because the spell is directly acting on him.

A ward would not affect you, but a circle to light your whole lab with ethereal light, would. Same with spells to provide bonuses to the whole room (infirmary, anyone?). if it is a "wall", nope. If it is an "area" effect and you are in the area, yup.


I disagree. you are not targeted or altered by the light spell so I don't think that you'd get warping points, (even if you let your parma down and allowed yourself to be illuminated by it).

This is my thinking, you don't get warping from a BoAF so you wouldn't get it from a light spell lighting you up unless YOU were the one with a spell cast on you to emit light. A ring that emitted light for instance wouldn't cause you warping.

I'm fond of magic items that with permanent effects that affect the item, not the magus. i.e. ring that glows around poison, ring that emits light continuously when worn, etc.

Yes, and that is a really good way around the warping problem.

I like this kind of idea, i'm gonna suggest some of them to my players.


Circular wards should not be a source of warping to anyone outside the ward, just because he might be hindered to enter the area protected by the ward. Otherwise entire Mystic Europe will be completely warped as there is always some ReCo ward active.
And how about the Persons within? Inside and outside are essentially the same: Movement across the circle’s perimeter is prohibited. Thus I would rule persons inside a circle do net get warped. Just to show that inside and outside is the same, remember this joke about a mathematician who had to capture some sheep. He took a piece of wire, held it out in a circle around himself and said: “I define myself as being outside, thus all sheep are inside!” –Outside and inside is just a matter of perspective….
But when someone tries to cross the ward and is repelled, he does get a point of warping, if the effect is greater than Level 30. At least I would rule so.
Anyone whose magic resistance is high enough to pass through the ward will not get warped as he is not effected by the spell.

Just one more question to gribble_the_munchkin why don't you get warped by BoAF? Isn't the spelllevel 35 ? (serf's parma! I do not know!)

It does. Read the rules to circle target.
If you cast a warding circle against demons and there is currently a demon in the circle when the spell starts to work the ward will somehow take off the demon if the spell penetrates.
EDIT: You had right. Circle wards are a special case.

What is serf's parma?

Good question. I'd assumed it was because you aren't casting magic on the person in question, you are instead creating fire at the point of the person in question. Although this has made me think about my necromancers perdo Corpus magic, that SHOULD cause warping to his targets.

anyone else think BoAF should cause warping? I'm not sure now. Granted, if you get hit by one, warping is probably far down your list of concerns compared with death by burning.

Nice, like this.

Not entirely sure what you mean here. Casting a ReVi ward around a demon will not affect the demon in the slighest, until he tries to cross the border of the spell. In fact as far as i am aware, you don't use the wards penetration until he tries to cross the border, indicating that the spell does nothing except maintain an impermeable barrier to whatever is warded.

Board shorthand, originally from the berklist. It means roughly "I am at work (hence the serf bit) and don't have my books with me so if i turn out to be wrong on whatever it is i'm talking about, don't flame me (the parma bit) because i didn't have the chance to check the RAW, i was writing from memory."

Ok, I found the exception rule to circle wards 2 pages later which says they have effects only on the line of the circle. I have read only the description of the circle target and wards are not mentioned there. Sorry.

Really? Nice to know!

I just recalled where I would be getting the confusion: D: Ring inastead of T: Circle. Our covenant has several T: Room/structure D: Ring spells around. This is why I was assuming that the ring would warp you. Circle spells don't, but circle spells might warp you if you are in their area of effect (the archetypical round infirmary, for example).



Warping? Yes, I do - it never occured to me that it wouldn't... It's a powerful magical effect, and it targets a person/creature/thing directly.

Getting hit by a BoAF is not something people usually make a habit of, of course.

Huh, I found what BoAF is. :bulb:
It cause warping without any consideration. Its level is 35 and every spell of six magnitude or higher cause warping to the targets.

I say no to BoAF warping. you are creating a intense source of heat/flame then it just happens to be located at the same place as your dinner. Once the heat is created the rest are just side effects.

I beleive there was a reason for BoAF not to cause warping, but I'm not sure why. Maybe something like the flame burns the target, but the target is not changed to flame, something like that.

A matter that has come up previously is that the target of the creo spell is the item(s) created

Yes, that's it, thanks :wink:

Excellent so BoAF doesn;t cause warping but a lvl 35 PeCo spell would.

Good to know.

Rules either way I think it is cool :slight_smile: if you get a warping point from BoAF.