City & Guild Questions

Workshop Total : Primary Characteristic + Ability + Innovation + Raw Materials (page 67)
Each assistant adds half his Craft Ability score to the Workshop Total. (page 73)
(no die roll , unless using Workshop Exertion on page 73)

Does Puissant (Ability) add to this total?
(page 48 , ArM 05)

My assumption is , that it does apply.

If any assistant has Puissant (Ability) , is half the bonus added to the total?
That would be an extra +01 per assistant
on top of adding half the Craft Ability Score.

Regarding Enchanted Items page 70

Craft Level for Superior Items : 12
(Workshop Total must equal or exceed this)

Damaged Goods page 77

Stress Check : stress die + modifiers vs. Ease Factor 15
Trained to use item[color=white]--------------- +Ability Score
Superior Quality[color=white]------------------- +01
Hermetically Enchanted Item[color=white]--- + magnitude of the total of instilled spell effects

assuming no negative modifiers ,
the Stress Check for a Superior , Enchanted weapon = stress die + Ability score + 01 + magnitude (as above)

Does the enchanted sword use the Base Damage Level for a Superior item (03) .
ot the BDL for a Supernatural item (05)?

If you alter the size of a larger item , making it smaller ,
does it keep its original damage levels ,
or use those appropriate to its new size?

A Supernatural Ship ( size +08 ) would have 15 damage levels ,
it is shrunk to Size 0 , which would give it 05 damage levels.

I'd say yes.


I'd go with Supernatural -- it has been enchanted; though I could understand if one wanted to use the "true" quality of the item.

I'd say, use the new size. The shrunk ship is easy to smash.

Rego Craft Magic (page 49 , Covenants)

A Finesse roll substituting for the Craft skill roll.

Can you add the Score for Raw Materials (page 67 , C&G) to your Finesse roll?
Or would you substitute the Finesse Score in the Workshop Total?
Primary Characteristic + Finesse + Raw Materials
(assuming all modifiers to Ease Factor from Rego Craft are used)

I'm discounting the Innovation Score for Rego Craft ,
as the spell bypasses the need for tools or improved technology.

The Seasonal Production Chart on page 68 , lists a number of things which may be constructed in a season.

What if you are an Apothecary?
How many (Salves, Ointments, Poultices, etc.) can you produce in a season?