Clarification on movement

I love the Fu Schticks that have you flying across the action, but is there an actual limit on how far a hero can move with an action?

I saw that a run (your hero's Speed x 3 or such?) action was 3 shots, but if you describe how your character run across the wall bouncing off the heads of various mooks to reach the Uber Boss and slap him silly is also a 3 shot action and possibly covered a much longer distance.

Who has a strong sense of the system that can clarify on the movement in Feng Shui 2?


We seldom deal too specifically with movement or distances in my games. On page 101 of the core rulebook it defines a 3-shot action of running full out, travelling twice your Speed in meters.

Beyond that, I've been playing for a year and it's very seldom come up.

I ask mostly as what is the point of purchasing schticks that are movement and cost more than shots when you can just say you move and attack all in a maneuver / attack action?

The GM can certainly set up situations where "the mooks are here on the ground floor of the factory, but the boss is on the second floor watching over everything. He's shooting down at you with a sniper rifle but he's inaccessible to melee attacks. To reach the second floor in one 3-shot action would take a prodigious leap of 10m."

If the players don't have a prodigious leap, they could try doing a stunt of saying "there's a crane on the factory floor, I'm going to leap onto it and try to jump from the top onto the second floor railing."

Or they could say "how far is it to run through a side door and up the stairs", and it might be 20m distance by stairs, so they spend a 3-shot action to run, say, 12m (Speed of 6), probably taking them up past the first floor onto the second floor stairs, and then their next 3-shot action to run the remaining few meters and be within melee range of the boss.