Clothes and shapeshifters???

I guess this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it.

I am creating a redcap (societatis merceris: milvi antiquiti) that has shapeshifting abilities. I am wondering about the following questions:

  1. Do shapeshifters change with their possessions?

  2. If not what kind of item would be required to make this possible?

My thoughts for #2:

  • The item must be portable in multiple animal forms: bear, seal, bird: a size adaptable (leash, ankle ring,...)
  • It must have a constant effect.
  • The spell is a MuAn spell (for leather shoes/clothes/books carried) with requisites for Herbam (clothes/ink), Terram (weapons/armor/ink), and vim (for vis). Maybe also Aquam (ink, potions)???

Which level effect is that? Or is it discribed in some book I don't have?

I typically rule that Hermetic spells and item effects to change a person into an animal also change the person's clothing, since most clothing is Animal (wool, leather). To transform an armored and armed character should probably include a Terram requisite, I think. I probably wouldn't require requisites for other small objects in the person's possession, like a knife, wine in a wineskin, ink in a book, or vis.

OK, so I only have one Terram requisite. It still costs about twice the level to shift the redcap's stuff than to shift the redcap and her stuff (HoH: TL p. 102, Shape of the Ancient Kite Mu(An)Co40)! Absurd, isn't it?

This is the item:
Enchanted Item: Ankle-Ring of the Shapeshifter
The Ankle-Ring of the Shapeshifter is a golden ring that transforms all the Shapeshifter's possessions into an intricate pattern on the ring when the Shapeshifter changes into a non-human form. The ring adapts itself to a size that fits the animal form.

  • Perceive the change InCo15, as in GotF, p.96 (Falke's Talisman); Level: 19
  • MuTe10 (Base 4 +2 Sun; +4 levels constant effect +3 levels Linked trigger); Level: 17
  • Mu(Te)An35 (Base 5: +1 Touch, +2 Group, +2 Sun, +1 for Extra effect Terram requisite; +4 levels constant, +3 levels Linked trigger): Level 42
    Total Levels: 78

My Bjornaer plans to make a robe as his Talisman. A Talisman is considered part of the magus for magical purposes, so it should change with him. (Of course, he needs to invest the Talisman/robe with effects to keep it from wearing out or getting torn like mundane clothes do...)

Note that per City and Guild, invested devices are already more resilient than their mundane counterparts. Not that it should stop you, but it's still good to know.