Clotides apprenticeship

If we could delineate what her apprenticeship would be like, I would appreciate it...

My first thoughts:
It's your character and I'm happy to be guided by what magus you would like to create afterward - the outcome so to speak.

  • I still need Vocis to have seasons of lab work, so she will need to be learning while he works, or working on a separate tasks. He won't need her in the lab 3 of the 4 seasons.
  • Vocis intends her to have a simple lab toward the end of her apprenticeship and a private study from the start.
  • he will be constantly involved with what she is doing, meals, etc. lectures and lore constantly.
  • she will have access to the library, within reason.
  • she should accompany him on any adventures, unless it's crazy dangerous.
  • sometimes he may need the lab bonus and I'll show that on the planner and it will need to be flexible as plans change.
  • Vocis has trained one apprentice already and it went well despite a rough start. He is expecting that Clotide will be harder and need more work to grow her gifts.
  • Vocis wishes her to know of and have choice interaction with some of the Iron Vexation.
  • he is interested in getting her to spend some time with a fae focused wizard too. Open to suggestions.
  • his lack of martial skills makes him desire her a martial spell or two.
  • she must have reasonable starting scores in Pen and Finesse when she finishes. Not high, but present.
    -One season of mandatory training per year likely needs to be flexible in terms of what is taught.
  • she will have planned trips a few times which I see as mini adventure things. To widen her knowledge of the world and allow Vocis to speak to his House brethren. Say once each 5 years, taking the full season.
  • her gauntlet will be traditional,

Let me know what you want her to finish as and let's work out s way to get there.

Despite her lack of confidence in a new situation when she entered the covenant she is a bully- the MIBWASOHB picked her out as a very naughty child who happened to have the Gift. One of the key issues will be how whether her training controls her temperament, or amplifies it.

Vocis will try to crush that type of behavior pretty hard in the early years, as a father he knows what bullies can do; so some great friction to be had.

He is not a great parent though (by modern standards) and will use conversation, intimidation, and punishment without hesitation. The risk here is that she adapts to Vocis as a bigger bully and stops while he is around, and continues with others elsewhere. I'd say that Vocis expects it to be tough, but doesn't really know what he's in for. Perhaps a goal is to teach her to focus her need for the intimidation of others, hone her drive rather than remove it. The structure and rules of the House may help there.

And get her using Certamen as soon as possible so she has a game where she can be superior.

I could certainly see her growing into a 'certamen bully'
Given that she will apparently be largely book-taught, I would think the first thing for her to learn would be Latin (where Artes Liberales can rise along with the skill by diverting a few points during Latin classes...

With scribes and teachers busy there doesn't seem to be a good source for Clotide to learn Latin early on...

I have no idea when Clotide starts, but if she's not picky, Semsuhfaw has Latin 4 with a specialty in Hermetic, and Teaching 5 with a specialty in One-on-One. And I don't have anything penciled in for him from Winter 1242 on.

after 1242 isn't really a problem, it is 1239-1241.

Maybe some hedge wizard?

If the goal is for her to pick up Faerie Lore (which is probably the only sensible thing she'd pick with this, and which is great), this would do as well as any merinita.
But this has added benefits:

  • It shows her that Hermetics are not the only wizards around
  • It shows her how powerful Hermetic Magic is, which should increase her desire to learn and respect for Vocis.
  • It allows her to create some connections that may, in time, be useful to the house.

No idea what we want to do here.

Let's see if Silveroak has more specific things for coverage in the apprenticeship and then most of it could come via other stories. From the thread I like the idea of arranging some of the trips back to the Tremere heartland, the Fey exposure, and showing her bully nature in some manner repeatedly. Could easily be via other threads.

Clotide is currently an ill disciplined child, a bully and separated from her family. She is likely to be quite rebellious... perhaps starting with some stories will be the best choice, though there is a question as to whether her arts are opened immediately or delayed, and what classes she might be in.

Silveroak - I've put advancement areas into the Magi spreadsheet,
Vocis will start to ramp up his teaching of Clotides from 1245, so she has ballpark 2 seasons a year. Intent is that by 1245 she has enough Latin and ArtesLib/Scribe to self study, and so these extra sessions per year are Vocis investing serious time in shaping her as a Magus.

Happy for topics and material taught to be arts, spells, adhoc travel, anything really. to be the things she cannot easily learn from book study.

Was her Apprenticeship started from 1241?

That is correct. What was the InVi lab total for opening her gift? Some of her supernatural traits may wind up getting transformed or lost depending...

there are still issues from 1240 to 1245, primarily the fact that she has been assigned seasons to be taught without a teacher and seasons to read when she lacks the ability to read...

okay, I have figured it out from prior notes regarding the development of teachers, scribes, and academics.

If it’s more logical during the advancement we can switch and tweak the seasons. I’m not married to the detail.