COERCION: Add +1 for each of your passions that is in play.

Hi all.

I have a question regarding the use for coercion.

It is written there:
• Add +1 for each of your passions that
is in play.
• Add +1 for each of the target’s
passions that is in play.

Also, the use of passions have some add functional.
For exemple:

Addictive Behavior:
When faced with your favorite drug, you can either indulge or use up one of your passions.

Or an example of memories:
There are many examples of combat veterans who
return to the sounds of fireworks or in a setting similar to that where the battle took place.
You can burn one of your passions to keep it together.

So what does “passions that is in play.” mean?
Do I need to "burn it" for that or is it enough to mention something related to it?

The way we play, passions are in play when you (mostly) and the GM (a little) THINK they're in play. It's entirely up to the opinion of the player and the group consensus. In other words, you ask yourself: "is this situation happening in the story of the game something that would trigger my character's passion?" If so, then, yeah, our group would call that "in play" although that's our interpretation of the rules. Your mileage my vary.

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