Collected spell guidelines for Ars 5e?

I'm interested to know if Atlas would greatly disapprove of collecting all the spell guidelines for Ars into one doc.
I know the Atlas site has a doc for the collected guidelines outside the core rules; its darn handy, but also a pain to look in a few places.

Apologies if this has been killed as a topic before.


Was this ever replied to? I agree that such a collection would be hugely useful.

If Atlas doesn't want to give content from the corebook away for free, I would suggest that a small publication with all this information in could be very popular - 'The Little Book of Spell Guidelines'. It would be a reference book for use in game, primarily for creating spontaneous spells. I would suggest a double spread for each form/technique combination, laid out very attractively - both clear to read but also perhaps so it looks a bit like a spell book. Potentially the book could include actual spells as well, perhaps a double spread of these for each form/technique combination as well. The selection should be geared towards lower level spells - the kind that player magi might feasibly cast spontaneously.

I know this goes against the idea that Atlas isn't going to extend the line for fifth edition, but perhaps some consolidation of the line might be acceptable??