Collected Sub Rosa Reviews

Just a reminder-- we're still offering a free copy of Sub Rosa #7 to the next two folks who review Sub Rosa #6.

Post your review, then email us at: with the subject: "Sub Rosa #6 Review" and include the URL.

We'll get you hooked up!

And as a side note, you've still got time to send us material for Sub Rosa #7-- the due date is 28 February 2011, so we can have it to you by the tail of March. :slight_smile:


And Sub Rosa #7 is added!

We're aiming for late August for SR#8, so there's still time to submit. And the next two reviews of SR#7 get free copies of SR#8...


Um . . . the Sub Rosa website is a bit confusing. What exactly do you get for the troupe issue? Is that a standing subscription to the entire series, a dead-tree copy you can lend to your troupe members, or something else that I'm a bit too dense to figure out?


It's a bit of an honor system purchase-- if you buy the troupe issue and then there's no issue with sharing the file amongst the members of your troupe.

And issue #8 is shaping up great! We should have it ready fairly soon, two-ish weeks.


I have tried a few times to subscribe now, but the subscription page is empty and I cannot find a way to let you have my money. After winning two numbers of SubRosa at GTUK on Sunday I really want to get the rest as well.

So how do I get you to take my money and give me SubRosa. It looks like I've been missing out on a lot of good stuff. :frowning:

The website is really where I've failed to do right by Sub Rosa. Now that the [REDACTED] project I was working on is in playtest, I can try fixing that this fall. In the meantime, you can order issues by:

My hope is that by Issue #9, we'll have it all resolved with 2+ ways to buy Sub Rosa.


I have too many £s left over from GTUK and I could have given them to Mark there for the rest of the Sub Rosas. Well, off to PayPal I go.


Yes, I think dealing with him in person certainly would have been possible at GT:UK! :slight_smile:

Next time, we'll make sure there are forms for in person subscriptions.


And the info for SR#9 is added!


And we've added Sub Rosa #10 to the list. One more and we're tied with Mythic Perspectives! Woohoo!


Sub Rosa #11 is here! :slight_smile: Next milestone is #15 and we can tie up with Hermes Portal!


Sub Rosa #13 is up!


And Sub Rosa #14 is up!


No direct link towards more new posts? I missed a few durting my hiatus ...

There are links to the issue 15 and 16 posts on the first page, if that's what you're looking for.

anyway of getting past issues?

Sure thing. You send funds to via paypal. Details are in the first post, but I should edit it to add this:

"If you'd like to purchase an issue of Sub Rosa, send $4.50(US) for single issues, $13(US) for a troupe issue via paypal to send and we'll shoot you a link to download your copy. If you order four issues, we'll knock .50 off each for $16 for a block of four."

I got some art in this week for this issue, too, so #19 is coming together.


Groovy and thank you for the quick reply.

I don't know if this can be re-pinned, but it'd be awesome if it was... thanks!


I don't know if this can be repinned, but that'd be great!

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