Collected Sub Rosa Reviews

For those interested, I've created this page with the collected Sub Rosa reviews. I don't know if it can be made sticky, but a fellow can dream.

Here we go...

Sub Rosa #1; The Art of Courtly Love (Setting Flavor), Masada (Covenant), Hermetic Vignettes (Setting Flavor), The Tartalo (Creature/Adventure), The Knights Templar (Organization Backround), The End of the Hohenstaufen, part 1 (Background), The Florilogium of House Bjornaer (Bjornaer Apocrypha)

Sub Rosa #2; Mythic Europe: Real Places (Location Background), Path of the Circle (Criamon Apocrypha), End of the Hohenstaufen Part II (Background), Wheostan the Old (Adventure), Bestiary (Basilisk, Griffin, Siren), Templars: Apotropaics (Organization Background), Jarrod's Cave (Adventure)

Sub Rosa #3; The Circle of the Cabeiri (Mystery Cult Background), Societas Flambonis (Alternative Flambeau Background), Caravanserai (Covenant), The Northwych Yew (Adventure), Mythic Zoroastrianism (Mystery Cult Background)

Sub Rosa #4; Dying Drake (Adventure), Elementals & Provenance (Mechanics), Explosive Power (gunpowder Background), Seuthopolis (Covenant), Templars: Infernal (Organization Background), Bestiary (Centaur, Harpy, Manticore)

Sub Rosa #5; Hermetic Cocktails (Beverages, fun), Beyond the fields we know (New Faeries), Dar al-Nujum (Covenant), The Invisible World (Spirit Mechanics), The Poppele (Creature/Story Seed), Tribunals at play (Tribunal Mechanics), The Bishop's Bird (Adventure)

Sub Rosa #6; Storyguide's Handbook: Visions (Mechanics), The Spear of Longinus (Adventure), The Juno: protector of women (Creature/Story Seed), Grand Tribunal 2011 (Pre-event Information), The Unicorn's Ransom (Adventure), Companion Piece: Intisar, the Elemental healer (Companion/Story Seed), From the Journal of Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Companion Piece: Adrastos of Candia (Companion/Story Seed), Mappa Mundi (Ars Magica internet Information)

Sub Rosa #7;The Magi of Thebes (Setting), Storyguide’s Handbook: The Enemy Within (Mechanics), The Story of Nelda’s Lament (Adventure), Grand Tribunal 2011 Announcement (Pre-event Information), From the Journal of Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Beyond the Fields We Know: The Rűbezhal (Creature/Story Seed),The Ghost in the Show (Adventure), The City of Bruges (Setting), More Mythic Mongols (Organization/Mechanics), Playing First Edition/The Next Generation (Review/Adventure)

Sub Rosa #8; The Storyguide handbook:Combat (Adjudication), The Way of St. James (Adventure), From the journal of Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Interview with Grey Thornberry, A New Legend of the Order, Belin of Mercere (Adventure), Interview with Lisa Stevens, Companion Piece: Bohemond of Lucerne (Companion/Story Seed), Mappa Mundi (Ars Magica internet Information)

Sub Rosa #9; The Storyguide handbook:Covenant Creation (mechanics), Companion Piece: William of Aylesbury (Companion/Story Seed), From the journal of Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Secrets of Arabia (Setting/Mechanics/Story Seeds), Faces of the Distant Sands (TC&TC oriented Companions), The Lists of Solomon: Jinn Apocrypha (Bestiary/Mechanics), Off the Shelf (Hermetic/Mundane Texts, Story Seed), ArM5 Index of Texts (Index by Supplement of mentioned Texts), Mappa Mundi (Ars Magica internet Information)
With an offsite review at the Iron Bound Tome.

Sub Rosa #10; The Storyguide Handbook:Dramatic Journey (metagame), Designing a Hermetic Shipwright (Character Creation), Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Cult of Silvanus (Mystery Cult Background), Grand Tribunals 2012 Announcement (Pre-event Information), Stormbreaker (Adventure), Twilight Scars (Character Flavor), Mappa Mundi (Ars Magica internet Information)
With an offsite review at the Iron Bound Tome.

Sub Rosa #11; The Storyguide Handbook:Outlawry (metagame), Conception and Pregnancy (Supplemental Rules), Training Packages for Magi (Character Development), Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Designing a Hermetic Architect (Character Creation), Welcome to the Turb (6 Sample Grogs), Body by the Shore (Adventure), Mappa Mundi (Maps and Ars Magica internet Information), along with metacreator files, pdf character sheets, and handouts! LuciusT has his review posted here and Albert posted one in the announcement thread.

Sub Rosa #12; The Storyguide Handbook:Random Encounters (Metagame/Mechanics), Kievan Rus (Setting), Love's Labours Lost (Adventure), Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Companion Piece: Lazar ben Yosef, Redcap (Companion/Story Seed), Who Wants to Live Forever? (Mechanics), Pilgrims of Darkness (Adventure), Mappa Mundi (Reviews). Galdric posted his review in the announcement thread, here.

Sub Rosa #13; Unearthing the Thirteenth House (Game History), The Slumbering Legacy (Setting & Mechanics), Redcap Training Packages (Character Development), The Watchers in Diana’s Sphere (Setting & Mechanics), The Divisible Men (Setting & Mechanics), Díedne the Theurge (Setting & Mechanics), Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), The Cult of Belenos (Setting & Mechanics), A Chthonic Path to Corruption? (Setting & Mechanics), The House We Never Had (Game History), The Lost City of Kitezh (Setting), Mappa Mundi (Resources), Handout: Gaer Hill Letter (Setting Flavor) Xavi posted a review in the announcement thread, and so did ExarKun.

Sub Rosa #14; The Storyguide Handbook:the Path Less Traveled (Metagame/Story Design), Verditius Longevity Devices (Mechanics), Demography of the Order of Hermes (Setting), From the journal of Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Eternal Love (Adventure), Mythic Bloodlines (Setting & Mechanics), The Three Good Men of Bréifne (Hibernian Tribunal-based Companions), The First Lineage: The Inventors (Setting), Mappa Mundi (Resources), Handout: Verditius Longevity Devices Tracking Sheet (Supplemental Mechanics), Handout: Eternal Love Character sheets, Handout: Companion Character Sheets/Metacreator files. Galdric and ExarKun posted reviews of it in the announcement thread. And there's a review at the Iron Bound Tome.

Sub Rosa #15; The Storyguide Handbook:the Cattle Raid (Metagame/Story Design), Alternative Covenant Finances (Mechanics), From the journal of Vulcanis Argens (Setting Flavor), Rats Magica (Alternative Setting), The Second Lineage: Explorers of Time & Space (Setting), New Heresies: Fixed Arts (Alternative Mechanics), The Body in the Bog (Adventure), Designing The Intangible Assassin (Character Design), Mythic Bloodlines (Setting & Mechanics), Mappa Mundi (Resources). Tellus gave a short review here.

Sub Rosa #16; Britannia, 550 AD (Setting),The Glamorous Swamp (Adventure Seeds), 865 AD Voventes Centennales (Setting), The Journal of Vulcanis Argens (Fiction), 1050 AD: The Order Shaken (Setting), 1050 AD: Rest Assured, an Adventure for Mandati (Adventure), 1050 AD: Strange Alliances (Setting), Mythic Weapons(Setting) The Third Lineage: The Cursed Line (Setting), 1470 AD: After the Plague (Setting), Six Strangers Gather ‘Round A Table (Convention Report), The Intangible Enchanter (Mechanics) Mappa Mundi (Resources). Exarkun did a review in the thread here, and Tellus did one here.

Sub Rosa #17; Werewolves of Gevaudan (Setting), Set Piece: The Inn (Metagame/Story Design), Flambeau’s Cave (Setting), An Unfinished Tower: Himinis’ Legacy (Setting/Saga Options), An Art Out of Time: Tempus (Mechanics), Common Magics (Setting/Mechanics), The Giants of Castlenau (Setting),The Divine of Provence: A Lost Angel (Saga Options), Populating Provencal (Setting), Spells from the Iron-Bound Tome (Mechanics), Ruins, Rumors, & Relationships: Provencal Stories (Setting), Val Negra (Setting). This issue also includes metacreator files to include the spells in the software. Exar Kun reviewed it here, Christian Andersen reviewed it here, and Cornelius did a brief review here.

Sub Rosa #18; The Intangible Assassin concept (Mechanics), Beast Masters of Hibernia (Setting/Mechanics, An alternative take on mundane creatures (Mechanics), a selection of Ars Magica fiction by Mark Faulkner, Twenty creatures from 11 authors, each containing descriptions, story seeds, as well as occasionally notes for playing one or for acquiring one as a service (Setting/Mechanics). Exar Kun reviewed it here and Ignes.Festivus did so here and Tellus did so here.

Sub Rosa #19; The colony of Roanoke (Setting/Saga), Cloudlands of Aiolia (Setting), Old Britannia (Setting), Hedge Wizards Saga & Index of all the minor groups (Setting/Story Design), Set Piece: The Mill (Metagame/Story Design), Beyond the D10 (Alternative Mechanics), Mystery Cult: The Friends of the Apacei (Setting), Geomantic Storytelling (Alternative Mechanic), A Word RE: Magic Shoe (Atlas Editorial). Exar Kun jumped to give an initial review of the issue here, and so did Ignes.Festivus, here, in the announcement thread.

Sub Rosa#20; Tales from GenCon (Convention Report), Wizards and their Everyday Magics (Mechanics), Mystery Cult: Midsummer Cult (Setting), The Beast That Is Not A Beast (Divine Creature/Regio), Mystery Cult: Cult of Shape-Stealers (Setting), Set Piece: Urban Merchant Company (Metagame/Story Design), Franciscan Doubts (Adventure), Mystery Cult: Legio Lupii (Setting), Hidden Words (Mechanics), Mappa Mundi (Mechanics/Story Design). We got all three reviews pretty quick for this issue, with Exar Kun here, Ignes.Festivus, here, and Wampa, here, in the announcement thread.

If you'd like to purchase an issue of Sub Rosa, send $4.50(US) for single issues, $13(US) for a troupe issue via paypal to send and we'll shoot you a link to download your copy. If you order four issues, we'll knock .50 off each for $16 for a block of four.

Our policy of providing a free copy of the next issue to the first three reviewers of current still stands-- (when it comes out,) if you've got #21 and want #22 for free, let us know what you thought. Post your review and send us an email to We'll hook you up. Issue #20 has been an exception, but, so far, we've left at least one issue, but usually two on the table for many issues; you could buy this one and potentially not buy one again for a long long time, if you're willing to let us know what you think everytime.

Email your submissions or queries to and we'll get back to you quickly!


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Thanks to Xavi for the reviews, and all the Sub Rosa contributors for great articles and artwork (illustrators nearly never get the credit and praise they deserve, and many of the illustrations - and artists - in Sub Rosa in my view exceed those in official publications in quality).

I second the notion of giving them a special place - either sticky them or create a link from sub rosa to this thread.

Just a reminder-- we're still offering a free copy of Sub Rosa #7 to the next two folks who review Sub Rosa #6.

Post your review, then email us at: with the subject: "Sub Rosa #6 Review" and include the URL.

We'll get you hooked up!

And as a side note, you've still got time to send us material for Sub Rosa #7-- the due date is 28 February 2011, so we can have it to you by the tail of March. :slight_smile:


And Sub Rosa #7 is added!

We're aiming for late August for SR#8, so there's still time to submit. And the next two reviews of SR#7 get free copies of SR#8...


Um . . . the Sub Rosa website is a bit confusing. What exactly do you get for the troupe issue? Is that a standing subscription to the entire series, a dead-tree copy you can lend to your troupe members, or something else that I'm a bit too dense to figure out?


It's a bit of an honor system purchase-- if you buy the troupe issue and then there's no issue with sharing the file amongst the members of your troupe.

And issue #8 is shaping up great! We should have it ready fairly soon, two-ish weeks.


I have tried a few times to subscribe now, but the subscription page is empty and I cannot find a way to let you have my money. After winning two numbers of SubRosa at GTUK on Sunday I really want to get the rest as well.

So how do I get you to take my money and give me SubRosa. It looks like I've been missing out on a lot of good stuff. :frowning:

The website is really where I've failed to do right by Sub Rosa. Now that the [REDACTED] project I was working on is in playtest, I can try fixing that this fall. In the meantime, you can order issues by:

My hope is that by Issue #9, we'll have it all resolved with 2+ ways to buy Sub Rosa.


I have too many £s left over from GTUK and I could have given them to Mark there for the rest of the Sub Rosas. Well, off to PayPal I go.


Yes, I think dealing with him in person certainly would have been possible at GT:UK! :slight_smile:

Next time, we'll make sure there are forms for in person subscriptions.


And the info for SR#9 is added!


And we've added Sub Rosa #10 to the list. One more and we're tied with Mythic Perspectives! Woohoo!


Sub Rosa #11 is here! :slight_smile: Next milestone is #15 and we can tie up with Hermes Portal!


Sub Rosa #13 is up!


And Sub Rosa #14 is up!


No direct link towards more new posts? I missed a few durting my hiatus ...

There are links to the issue 15 and 16 posts on the first page, if that's what you're looking for.

anyway of getting past issues?

Sure thing. You send funds to via paypal. Details are in the first post, but I should edit it to add this:

"If you'd like to purchase an issue of Sub Rosa, send $4.50(US) for single issues, $13(US) for a troupe issue via paypal to send and we'll shoot you a link to download your copy. If you order four issues, we'll knock .50 off each for $16 for a block of four."

I got some art in this week for this issue, too, so #19 is coming together.