Collection/Index of all Spell Mastery Abilities?

I've been searching high and low, since I seem to remember another user listing which books and which pages describe Mastery Abilities. But I can't seem to find it. Am I imagining things, or did this actually happen? And can someone perhaps point me to this?

Atlas games offer a lot of fine downloads, among others collections of Form/Material Bonus, Virtue/Flaw inex etc. I think they ought to make a Mastery Index also. Otherwise we all need to do this ourselves, and trawl through all the books. Yes, I'm lazy! But efficient...or something.

Every spell may be mastered so this index would be the same like the spell index. :wink:

He is referring to the precise mastery abilities, Birbin.

To get this started and hopefully to encourage a group effort in building such a comprehensive index, I have taken the liberty of compiling those from the core rulebook and HoH:TL.

Since I dont have the Societas, TMRE, RoP:TI or TD, I leave it to other willing souls to extract from those sources and add to this list if possible.

Mastery Ability Page Source
Acute Sense* 71 HoH:TL
Adaptive CastingΨ 99 HoH:TL
Boosted Casting†99 HoH:TL
Ceremonial CastingΨ 99 HoH:TL
Disguised CastingΨ 99 HoH:TL
Fast Casting 87 (83) ARM5:CR
Harnessed Casting†99-100 HoH:TL
Lab MasteryΨ 100 HoH:TL
Learn From MistakesΨ 100 HoH:TL
Magic Resistance 87 (101) ARM5:CR
Multiple Casting 87 ARM5:CR
Penetration 87 ARM5:CR
Quiet Casting 87 ARM5:CR
Stalwart CastingΨ 100 HoH:TL
Still Casting 87 ARM5:CR
Tethered Casting†100 HoH:TL

  • Quesitorial Magic (normally restricted)
    Ψ Cult of Mercury (House Mercere)
    †Mutante Magic (House Mercere)

Sorry I couldn't get the table itself to transpose here but Im not all that knowledgeable about HTML codes and such.

A few more (if I missed any, my apologies)

Imperturbable Casting 33 HOH:S
Obfuscated Casting 34 HOH:S
Precise Casting 34 HOH:S
Quick Casting 34 HOH:S
Unraveling 129 HOH:S
Rebuttal 129 HOH:S
Apotropaic Mastery 122 RoP:TI