Spell mastery options

Here is a thread to go with the spells thread, the non-hermetic grimoire and similar threads to list new spell mastery options. following is a list of spell mastery options presently in the game which is often a pain to find.

Mastery Ability, Page, Source
Acute Sense*, 71, HoH:TL
Adaptive CastingΨ, 99, HoH:TL
Boosted Castingâ€, 99, HoH:TL
Ceremonial CastingΨ, 99, HoH:TL
Disguised CastingΨ, 99, HoH:TL
Fast Casting, 87, ARM5
Harnessed Castingâ,99-100, HoH:TL
Lab MasteryΨ, 100, HoH:TL
Learn From MistakesΨ, 100 HoH:TL,
Magic Resistance 87, ARM5,
Multiple Casting 87, ARM5
Penetration 87, ARM5
Quiet Casting 87, ARM5
Stalwart CastingΨ 100, HoH:TL
Still Casting 87, ARM5
Tethered Casting†100, HoH:TL
Imperturbable Casting 33, HOH:S
Obfuscated Casting 34, HOH:S
Precise Casting 34, HOH:S
Quick Casting 34, HOH:S
Unraveling 129, HOH:S
Rebuttal 129, HOH:S
Apotropaic Mastery 122, RoP:TI

  • Quesitorial Magic (normally restricted)
    Ψ Cult of Mercury (House Mercere)
    †Mutante Magic (House Mercere)

This list was adapted from this original thread.

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Reordered by restriction:

Mastery Ability, Page, Source

No Restriction

  • ARM5 p87
    Fast Casting
    Magic Resistance
    Multiple Casting
    Quiet Casting
    Still Casting
  • HoH:S p.33-34
    Imperturbable Casting
    Obfuscated Casting
    Precise Casting
    Quick Casting
  • HoH:S p129
  • RoP:TI
    Apotropaic Mastery, p122
    Goetic Mastery, p124

Quesitorial Magic (normally restricted)
Acute Sense
(HoH:TL p71)

Cult of Mercury
Adaptive Casting
Ceremonial Casting
Disguised Casting
Lab Mastery
Learn From Mistakes
Stalwart Casting
(TMRE p.117, HoH:TL p.99-100, HoH:S p.34)

Mutante Magic (House Mercere)
Boosted Casting
Harnessed Casting
Tethered Casting
(HoH:TL p.99-100)

While updating, here are two edits:

Add this:

Goetic Mastery, 124, RoP:tI

Adjust this:

The Cult of Mercury ones are also located at HoH:S p.34 and TMRE p.117, and they are not restricted to House Mercere nor to House Flambeau, just the Cult of Mercury and the Neo-Mercurians. (Some of these may be further available, too, according to TMRE p.38.)