"Collection of ..." threads: here or in Post-a-day?

Not limited to 30, to November, or to 1 per day, I love "collection of ..." threads - from shady grogs to redcap enchantments, from naranjis to get-rich-schemes.

The one thing I do not like is for them being segregated in the "Post-a-day" subforum, particularly when they do not take place in November. I would much rather have them in the Ars Magica subforum, since *that i's where I come to for Ars Magica stuff - while I do not often check the "Post-a-day" subforum. One interesting way to do it is to have each "Collection of ..." thread in the "Post-a-day" subforum, and a linked "Comments on Collection of ..." thread on the main Ars Magica forum, which has the additional advantage of keeping the main content thread "clean".

So ... how would you rather have these "Collection of ..." threads, particularly when not in the "30 ... in November" format?

  • I would rather have relevant "Collection of ..." threads in the main Ars Magica forum.
  • I would rather have all "Collection of ..." threads in the Post-a-day forum.
  • I would rather have the content in the Post-a-day forum, and the comments in the Ars Magica one.
  • I just love those threads, let people post them where they like best!
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"Pointer to" should be here, but the meat should be there. As long as the OP doesn't forget to put a link on his first post (or correct it later).


You know why I enjoy the Post a day section? Valuable threads don't get buried onto tons of discussion threads. It's easy to quickly go back and see what you have available. It's not something that's easily replaced on this forum section, short of pinned topics, simply because the search function can't easily discriminate between content and 200 post debate threads that hold only one single useful post in them.


I agree with Temprobe and use the Post a Day section for all of my serial content the last few years. Started after multiple people started threads looking for my content that they couldn't remember who posted or exactly what it was. When you go to the Post a Day you know the entire thread is going to be content from ether one person or a small group that is curated through another discussion thread.

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