Community Projects?

It's up to you if it counts or not but my blog, My Life as a Grog has several projects on:

  • Redcaps
  • Mythic Levant
  • Mythic Genoa
  • Andalusian Magi
  • Terrae Magi
  • The Erythraean Sea

It's also got some errata and cutfile pieces from the various books I contributed to which may be of interest.


Which reminds me - maybe I should finish the final period for Janus which I stopped half-way through?

Go for it!
I didn't mean to shut the project down on everyone, it was just that the Criamon I was writing was 'done'.

Tellus, Christian - do you remember how as Annulus Connectens was winding down, we tossed around ideas for a follow-up, like Hedge Magi or a radically diferent sort of covenant? Should we try starting one up in the next few months?

I'm game, though currently Real Life[sup][size=85]TM[/size][/sup] is a bit of a bugger, which is why I haven't started already.

I have made a google map of the universitys in Europe up to and including the 13th century. A post and link can be found here:

Oh I didn't feel you or anyone had shut it down, it just sort of trailed off for me. I have some of the projects fleshed out for Janus' next period (and have had for quite a while) but ran out of ideas.

I should probably get in on that as well. Could be fun to finangle a little with Hedgies. Are we talking from Hedge Magic RE only, or also RIval Magi? As for time...well that's always in short demand. But a little here, a little there. Should be doable.

Hello Timothy, could you please tell me how I may proceed so as to make an intelligent link to your work about Cornish folklore into Vanilla Covenant pdf ?

If I go to your blog :

And type "Cornish folklore" inside the research area called "Enter Keywords" (the one which appears when clicking onto the magnifying glass) :

I obtain a link like this : ... h+folklore

Is it correct to paste this link into the Vanilla Covenant pdf (I mean, will I access using the generated link to the whole/right containing of your blog about Cornish folklore or am I missing a consequent part of it?)

Do you think other keyword(s) would be more appropriate?

Please tell me.

Thanks by advance.

The insert into Vanilla Covenant pdf will look like this:

Eventually the Cornish material will reside, in final form, at ... ents-page/

If you do a keyword search for Cornwall you get the less processed material, so perhaps that thing above is the better one.

Thank you a lot Timothy. I'll put the link you give above into the Vanilla Covenant pdf!

Many Thanks again!