Map of universitys in Europe

I have been data mining university's, I have focused on old up to the 1300 (as my personal saga only just reached the year 1200). I have plotted them out on a google map, typed in some info about the place (sometimes things that can be used as hooks as well). The reason for doing this was to get a better grasp of how things was in Europe at the time. Non magical knowledge is hard to come by so knowing where and when you have access to it can be useful.

Some small notes about how to interpret the data:

The places is listed with a NAME this is usually the place where it is located. And it is usually just University of NAME. In a few places there is a second name Name (NAME2) this means that there is a connection between these two. Usually one place got moved at some point. The general information should be in the info box.

The NAME is follows by a year. This are most of the time based on the founding date. But several times the founding date is not the date of when there first was meaningful education being some at the location. So because it is the information/data/education that is of importance I have used as early a date as I reasonably could find and validate. I have added the relevant information in the info box. There are also a few dates that have a "~" in front of them this is to indicate a uncertainty, education taking place around this date. Earlier and/or later. If there is a date in ( ) that means this is a later founding date. If there is a DATE-DATE this means the education took place between these dates. If there is DATE-DATE, DATE then the third date indicates when it opens up again. Information about the dates is in the info box.

There is as often as I could find pictures of the place, there "logo", for lack of a better word, and some pictures of the university. The pictures may or may not be of the original place, I have tried to get as original pictures as I could and opted out of pictures if I could not find any good or to new.

The info box Is where I tried to put some information about when education first took place at the location. If I found anything of note that might be used in a plot or hook it is also put here. If I found anything to indicate what type of education they where doing I also put it in. The type of education is listed at the bottom like this *TYPE OF EDUCATION. What is important to know is I only list the type if I can find this is what they teached at the start. If they added something new after a while I also added this followed by a date. A lot of places I could not find any such data on. And what you can find obviously also could change over time.

I have divided the map into two different filters up to the 12th century and places founded during the 13th century.

Here is a link to the map

I hope that you will find the map useful. =) Also I might keep adding things to it in the future as well.

A small side-note about universitys historically. There is as far as I can tell three distinct types. Unofficial places of learning. Places founded/approved by the crown and places founded/approved by the church. When ever the crown of church is involved there is a huge amount of benefits for the students and teachers. Often they did not have to pay tax and where more often then not pardoned for crimes as well. Also, you where not allowed to teach about the church unless the church approved of it. I have no idea what if any the ramifications would be if you disobeyed. Maybe a good plot hook? Also more often then not these places are ether in a church or have ties to the church, even the places not approved by the church.

Also Latin is universally used all over Europe so it is a safe bet that even if you are abroad you can at least speak to people here (and in the churches of coursers).

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Especially the Italian universities are nicely researched. Kudos!

Paris university, with its branches and their relations to papacy and Church, might be worth some more research - perhaps starting from here.

The studium generale of the Dominican order at Cologne - where Albertus Magnus taught - is very important for Germany, but is not really a university.


I could not find any thing of any real interest about Paris when I looked over at wikipedia. No real info about the three schools that predates it either. I did add 2 more dates to it and a little info regarding them (when the crown and church recognized them). Also not sure the type of thing you are hinting at is on par with the intent of the project. It is intended just to give basic info on the different places. But if you got any links to what you are referring to I will gladly take a look and see if I find some things I think would fit in. =)

Glad some people find it useful. =)

Did you check other areas of the game world (such as Novgorod tribunal) or not? I thought there was an university there...

The relevant wiki article is AFAICS a good start into the schools.

Other topics about Paris university important for Ars Magica are:
The interference of Honorius III in 1219,
student strike from 1229,
but for longer running campaigns especially the bitter conflict of mendicants and seculars in the 1250s.

The authority of Paris university in the 13th century on scholarly, even theological, topics was often greater than the Pope's - so ready information about its revolutions at that time helps Ars sagas.