Community timeline project

Salvete sodalete,

Over at Project: Redcap, I have started a timeline of major events in Fifth Edition canon. I was thinking this could be a fun and useful community project to invite people to get started contributing to Project: Redcap.

It is possible to create other timelines, such as for individual Tribunals or Houses. I wanted to start with something basic and broadly useful.

I checked with Atlas Games and they are OK with us making detailed timelines as long as they consist primarily of a date, a one-line description of the event, and a page reference where the full text can be found.

Let me know if you want to contribute to the timeline, and need help, or if you would like to volunteer to start some other detailed timeline on another page.


-Andrew Gronosky
Project: Redcap

I love timelines. They lend themselves to great story seeds.

This is a terrific idea, I only wish I had more books to look at to help. I will attempt to input something if I can.

Thanks for the work.

I see that you've got a timeline started for major events that you want to keep at least a bit uncluttered.

What about the idea of creating a comprehensive timeline of all fifth edition dates? Would it be fair use to cobble together the timelines in the different books (the tribunal books, legends, house books, are there any others?) and several of the other dates in the line into one big document? Or would that be a problem with printing Atlas' stuff when we've no right to?

i realize that the Lex hermeticum mailing list did something like this back in the day for everything through the later part of fourth edition but that doesn't mean it was right to do so.

Yes, but that does not rule out creating a bigger timeline on some other page. In fact, I have started a more ambitious page that tracks life events for all twelve Founders.

I asked Atlas about this before I started work on the project. The answer was, as long as the timeline is restricted to naming the events and giving a page reference, that is acceptable and encouraged.

So as long as the individual timeline events are not written in more detail than what I have started, then we can have as many events as we can find references to.

One other complication is that the Fifth Edition sources seem light on exact dates, and 3rd-4th Edition material is no longer official. I think we can address that by liberal use of asterisks. :slight_smile: