Companion: Edoma Dupont, aka. Edwyn the fair

Current profile

Age 26

Edoma is a girl who (usually) dresses as a man under the name of Edwyn.
Being an experienced entertainer and actress, she can assume a wide range
of disguises and personæ, usually dressing in a green forester's outfit.

Personal history

Edoma's parents were travelling entertainers, and she grew up in the
troupe. She started learning the trade before she could speak, and
excelled in acting, storytelling, and the like. The family often
visited noble courts to perform, and was generally popular earning a
fairly decent living.

When she was nine, her parents were killed in an attack of wild enemies,
and she was cursed with lycanthrope. This left her lonely and depressed,
and even though the troupe took care of her, she no longer felt at ease
with them. A year later a noblewoman liked her acting so much that she
took a pity for her, and let her stay at the court as a house performer.

The years at the court were privileged, with almost no duties, except for
entertaining the lordship in the evenings. Being neither servant nor
noble, she could very much walk where she wanted and spend time with anyone
whom she wanted. Almost everybody loved her. She was able to train and
study with other children, and learnt basic reading and some martial
abilities, excelling at thrown weapons (axes and daggers).

When she was sixteen, she was caught up in a scandal with the lord's son,
and had to flee the castle/manor. For about a year, she lived it rough.
Learning that she absolutely sucks at outdoor skills, the year was
particularly harsh. It was during this year that she took the identity as
Edwyn. Then, fortunately, she was able to up with some of the old troupe,
and she joined them for a while. This was a break to get into her old
life. For the most part, she tours alone, but occasionally she teams up
with other travelling entertaines, both the old troupe and others.

After the years at the court, she was no longer the innocent little girl,
aiming to please everyone around her with her fair voice and entertaining
stories. She had got a taste for a good life, and had grown ambitious.
Socialising with nobility on a daily basis, she had also picked up a lot of
their customs and etiquette, and learnt a bit about the secrets and
intrigues. This she wanted to take advantage of.

Entertaining at noble houses, she took every opportunity to gossip and to
scry upon their activities. This earned her many secrets which she has
since used for blackmail.

Personality traits

Listener +3,
Vengeful +2,
Good humoured +1

Virtues and flaws

Wanderer (free social status)

Transvestite (minor personality flaw)

Ambitious (major personality flaw)

Blackmail (minor story flaw)

Small frame (minor flaw)

Ability block (minor flaw)
Cannot learn outdoor skills (hunt, survival, swim)

Lycanthrope (major flaw)
Lynx, new moon (major supernatural). Fox at the new moon. The ability block does not apply to the lynx form.

Flaws total -10

Troupe upbringing (minor virtue)
Bonus on acting and disguises.

Gossip (minor virtue)

Enchanting music (minor virtue)

Entrancement (major virtue)

Social Contacts (minor virtue)
Nobility and upper classes

Privileged upbringing (minor virtue)
+50xp martial and academic abilities

Great presence x2 (minor virtue)

Virtues total +10


Size -1

Int 0,
Per +2,
Str -1,
Sta -3,
Pre +5,
Com +2,
Dex +1,
Qui +1


Speak Saxon (native) 5
Speak Norman (15) 2
England lore [Cumbria] (15) 2
Nobility lore [Dark secrets] (15) 2
Animal handling (5) 1
Athletics (5) 1
Awareness (50) 4
Bargain [blackmail] (5) 1
Brawl [dodge] (5) 1
Charm (30) 3
Craft: sewing [costumes] (5) 1
Etiquette [first impression] (15) 2
Folk Ken [nobility] (15) 2
Guile (50) 4
Intrigue [gossip] (5) 1
Music [mandoline] (5) 1
Profession: Entertainer [Dramatic acting] (30) 3
Ride (5) 1
Stealth [indoor] (30) 3
Hunt 0 (ability block)
Survival 0 (ability block)
Swim 0 (ability block)
Total 305xp

Entrancement [reveal secrets] (45) 4
Enchanting music [seduction] (10) 2

Thrown weapon [Knife] (30) 3
Single weapon [Hatchet] (5) 1
Great weapon [Staff] (5) 1
Artes Liberales (5) 1
Latin (5) 1
Total 50xp


Assortment of costumes and sets of clothing, incl. (1) a colourful jester's costume, (2) a blue dress, fairly expensive, but not lavish, (3) squire's clothing featuring the coat of arms of an insignificant knight from Surrey, (4) green hunter's or forester's clothing, (5) male and female servant's clothing (of the quality expected at a baron's household), (6) worn clothing of a poor peasant, (7) a brown friar's robe. Masks, make-up, dyes, a few wigs, false beard etc. This equipment has been essential for her trade for almost ten years, and she has made an effort to refine her costumes and accessories.

Throwing knives (5), hatchet, Quarterstaff, knife, sling.

A mandoline and a small flute.

Start of saga profile


Delete because of nitpicking

Where did you get the stats? In the Medieval Bestiary, the fox is -3 size. Either way, this is outside the range of Lycanthrope, which states -1 to +2. Domesticated would be an interesting twist.

To delete since we can't have any fun

We need to sort out the details on the lycanthrope flaw.

  1. Does ability block apply in the animal form?
    1a. If yes, is a domestic hound size -1 ok? Or a horse?
    1b. If no, is lynx ok?
  2. Should the -1 human size be added to the standard animal size in animal form?
  3. Should we look up and fix stats straight away? Source? Or just leave it till needed?
  4. Any other objections or comments?

Page 23 of HoH:MC has the answers to most of these questions. Could you please use them to come up with Edoma's stats in fox form? Or in whatever animal form that you'd prefer? We should also come up with virtues, flaws, and abilities for the animal.
Does it seem reasonable for Ability Block to apply when she's in fox form? The rules leave room for us to decide. What is your preference?
Would you like to handle the Greater Malediction as I've described in the Reynard thread? With a die roll leading to story/consequences?
Lastly, in what direction would you like her Ambition and Blackmail flaws to go? We don't have to decide this now. Just curious if you already had thoughts.

I will, but I'll leave it until Reynard is finalised, so that I can tune it to the sister angle.

I think the ability block implies a domestic(ated) animal, which I think is rather difficult to manage. I'll go for a wild animal without ability block, unless someone has a good idea on how to make fun out of the domesticated angle.

Fine with me.

Ambition is focusing on a noble lifestyle. She is trying to earn the wealth to live as comfortably as a baron's councillor/squire, and hoping to earn the status to go with it. (And if that is not ambitious enough she shall up her expectations in due course.)

Blackmail is based on intrigues and her scrying at the noble courts. The first dark secret was probably learnt when she lived at a castle for five years. During the ten last years, she has actively sought out small and greater secrets to use for blackmail, using all her relevant skills and virtues incl. entrancement. I would guess she has 2-3 current clients providing a stable blackmail income at the moment. The types of secrets could be anything, like a branded criminal serving as councillor or scribe, an illegitimate child, an affair, or possibly treason. I don't know what is plausible and what fits the story.

Shape changing will substitute general abilities for the general abilities of the animal. If intellect is retained then academic and arcane abilities remain. Supernatural abilities remain. I suggested a domesticated version of the animal as an option if you wanted to have more communication in animal form.

There is a fox in one of the supplements, but I disagree with its stats as a fox is far more vocal than a wolf. I just added vocal.

Proposed lynx stats. Please review. I only found one virtue that I was confident about.

Human stats
Str -1, Sta -3, Pre +5, Com +2, Dex +1, Qui +1

Lynx stat; Edoma's lynx stats in parenthesis.
Size –1
Str 0 (-1)
Sta +1 (-2)
Dex +2
Qui +2

Large predator
Cun 0
Per 0 (+2)
Pre -2 -> 0 (+5)
Com -5 (-3)

Brawl 3 (bite),
Survival 3 (home terrain),
Awareness 3 (food),
Athletics 3 (running)
Stealth 4 (stalking prey)
Hunt 4 (prey)

Ambush Predator: The beast lies in
wait for its prey and catches it by surprise.
Grants Stealth 4 (stalking prey) and Hunt
4 (prey). The beast’s specialization for
Brawl changes to one of the beast’s natural
weapons. If it has successfully crept up on
its prey, it automatically wins Initiative in
the first round of combat and gains a +3 to
its Attack Total for the first round only.

Good Jumper: Add +3 to all rolls
involving jumping.

Imposing Appearance: The creature
has a beautiful, majestic, or awe-inspiring
appearance that appeals even to humans.
Raise Presence to 0 (if negative), or
increase by 1 otherwise. This Quality may
be taken more than once for exceptionally
beautiful or impressive creatures.

Extra Natural Weapons: Gain
an extra set of natural weapons, such
as horns/antlers, teeth/tusks, claws, or
hooves. Only one set of weapons may
be used in each round of combat. This
Quality may be taken more than once.

Thick Fur/Thick Scales: Add 1
to Protection; this Quality stacks with
the Tough Virtue and the Tough Hide

Perfect Balance