Companion: Sona, The White Witch

Sona used to be human. At least that's what she says and she certainly looks like the daughter of a noble family. Some philosophers would argue she was simply replaced by a similar faerie, but who cares? Not Sona, nor her family. She hated her family, hated the marriage they had arranged, and hated all the restrictions. When the Black Witch attacked her castle and offered to make Sona a witch as well she accepted. Sona left her family, and followed the Black Witch. It cost Sona humanity, much of her memory, and warped her personality. In exchange she gained immortality and power and knowledge. Transformed into a fae.

Sona is Highly Cognizant, and can fit into a variety of roles. The most subtle in some ways is the role of a Faerie. People who learn about fae have their own notions, and she can fit those roles. If they theorize about her true nature or what she really is all the better. More obvious is the role of witch. She can't actually call storms or poor weather, but she can hunt down and kill people with frost, and in turn play the role of frost bringer. Academics talk about experimental philosophy, some even going so far as to claim that's what most witches are, and she can fit their expectations. There are people who always want to believe their local wise woman actual has magic powers, and will use those powers to help them. She does have powers and she can. Or she can subtly alter her actions to fit a other stories and rumors from a hundred villages. Each with dozens of stories about witches, each with countless minor variations. Sona plays the part of that witch.

The Black Witch didn't just transform her into a fae. She taught Sona experimental philosophy. As Sona mastered a few powers the Witch decided it was time for her to head out into the world. Stand on her own. Feast on the Vitality of the human world. Heviz is a natural fit. Potential for discovery, festivals where emotions run high, and magi who want to learn about the Dark Fae. She basks in humanities stories, and provides a little assistance too. Best of all though? The magi are studying her. Talking about her. Making new stories for her. And so she grows.

Name: Sona, The White Witch
Age for xp calcs: 55
Faerie Might: 10
Char: St-2, Dx+1, Int+3, Per+2
Personality Traits: Lech+6, Glutton+2, Curious+2

Humanoid Faerie 1
Highly Cognizant 1
Increased Faerie Might (minor) 1
Lesser Power*4 4
Personal Power 1
Pretentious 1
Premonitions 1
Passes for Human 0
Faerie Trainer 0

Traditional Ward Bronze: 1
Black Sheep 3
Susceptible to Deprivation 1
Small Frame 1
Nocturnal 1
Lecherous 3

Medicine 9 (Theriacs)[225xp]
Philosophae 9 (reagents) [225xp]
Profession: Apoc 6 (material scavenging) [105 xp]
Artes Lib 2 (geometry) [15xp]
Teaching 3 (one-on-one) [30xp]
Brawl 2 (dagger) [15xp]
Single Weapon 5 (longsword) [75xp]
Fae Lore 2 (fae charms) [15xp]
Missile Weapon 5 (longbow) [75xp]
Premonitions 4 (???) [50xp]+35
Chirgury 2 (Dissection) [15xp]
Finesse 3 (???) [30xp]
Penetration 5 (Ice) [75xp]
Leadership 1 (Fae Influence) [5xp]
Craft: Drawings 5 (mystic) [75xp]
Latin 5 [75 xp]

Charm 2 [15 xp]
Etiquette 2 [15 xp]
Folk Ken 2 [15 xp]
Guile 2 [15 xp]
Stealth 2 [15xp]
Intrigue 1 [5xp]
Profession Scribe 2 [15xp]
Magic Theory 1 [5xp]
Magyar [75xp]

Powers: 70 levels of lesser powers 20 levels of personal powers, 7 intricacy points.

The Cruel Pall of Winter - Cost 2
Create a storm of wind, ice and lightning. Sona can alter the exact strength of the storm up to gale force winds, and heavy snow, or down to light winds and snow. Sona can also direct the winds. Note, she needs to be touching the storm to control it. Furthermore the storm must be at a height that a natural storm could exist. Sona has no special immunity to the storm, except that she will generally not penetrate her own resistance.
Base 3 + 1 Touch + 2 Sun + 1 Rego + 15, 1 intricacy point to reduce cost.

Blessing of the Witch - Cost 3
Grants the target +6 to recovery rolls. This lasts until the target is completely healed of all wounds and all diseases.
Base 2 +1 Touch + 4 until. = 15 levels.

Flight of the Hummingbird-Constant, Cost 0
Sona can fly through any direction in the air by concentrating. If concentration is lost she hangs in the air until she can concentrate again.
Base 4+2 sun +1 constant=20, 2 intricacy points to reduce cost.

Allure-Cost 4
The being touched becomes more pleasant and attractive gaining a +3 to all rolls impressing, charming or convincing others. This lasts until the target tells a lie.
Base 3 +1 Touch +4 until = 20 levels

Icy Words Cost 0: Init-6
Target: Individual Range: Voice, Duration: Mom
The witch speaks ancient invocations to powers of ice, and sucks away the vital heat from the targets body, inflicting +5 damage.
Base 5+3 voice = 20 levels (4 intricacy points used to reduce might cost.)

Are you thinking of a Vila(White Lady)? Fae are tricky because they are always part of a repeating story. Even Highly Cognizant fairies are seeking definition of a role to play.

A vila of companion level would be might 15-20 and have shapeshifter, Enthralling voice, Blessing Dance, Cursing Dance and Spirit away as powers.

Not a white lady. A witch. There are tons of stories about witches or other magic users I'm sure. Plus I bet there are even more in mythic Europe where those things actually exist. Someone to seek out for blessings. Someone that slays the righteous. Plus she has some of the crazy alchemist/graverobber elements too. There are countless roles to play.

Rumors of 'The White Witch' could definitely bring Zoltan snooping around, it's part of his contract.

Would this be a Mythic Companion level character or normal companion?

Still, a fae is tricky They can not use magic but can only have powers that imitate magic that they or their creator have seen.

Normal Companion. And yes, while they can't use Magic, without arcane abilities it will all look the same to the average person. Eh, I'll change it to witchcraft in the description. "Natural Magic" is representative of experimental philosophy.

WIP, I still need to check the names of one virtue run down the notes I had for her flaws, and add some more "fluff". But some of the mechanics are done. Should be able to do most of the witchy things, including teach new witches!

And the character sheet is done! Ish. I still need those personality traits. But we have a witch!

Question: What is the local language? I just have living language for one of my pretenses.

It should be a dialect of Magyar I think.

Okay, got rid of the focus power and replaced it with cool new powers. We got flight, weather control (sort of), and a couple specific blessings. Tell me if anything else should be changed.