This thread is for the posting of completed companion characters- changes to a character should be made by editing, and only the characters should be here, not animal companions, workshops, etc. Each magus will be one post which will be edited as the game progresses, you will have a second thread for development where the history of the character can be discussed.

As of end of winter, 1222:

Name: Stavros of Patras
Age: 23

int: +1 per: +2
com: +3 pre: +1
dex: -1 qui: -2
end: 0 str: 0

Confidence score: 1 points: 3

Stavros is the second child of Dimitrios, the current head of a wealthy family
of merchants based in Patras. One uncle was killed in the sack of
Constantinople. The family trades in many areas, with a particular
emphasis on goods for or from the slik road. Stavros himself has traveled
throughout Europe on behalf of the family.
Stavros has a wife (Hellena), a son, Miklos, and another child on the way.

Stavros lives in Patras, in the family compound. That is where is wife and 3 year old son are most likely to be found. He comes out to the covenant location to visit, and has visited and traded with Alexander. he also travels to other areas (see languages) for trade opportunities.

Personality: genial (+1), cowardly (-1)

virtue: Wealthy
puissant bargain
affinity for bargain
puissant living language

Social Status: Merchant Adventurer (minor virtue)

Dependent (wife and children)
uncertain Faith
favors (to Theodore Dukas)

Labor points: (at end of 1222) 144


native language (Romaic Greek) 5 (prose)
Awareness: 3 (30) (searching)
Charm: 3 (30) (first impression)
Guile: 2 (15) (fast talk)
Area Lore, Patrtas: 1 (15) (markets)
Folk ken: 3 (30) (merchants) (+1xp)
Survival: 1 (5) (coastal)
Brawl 2 (15) (dodge)

Artes Liberal 4 (50) (arithmatic)
Philosophae: 1 (5) (moral philosophae)
Bargain: 7 + 2 (95 + 50%) (spices) (+7xp)
Italian: 2 + 2 (15) (bargaining)
French: 2 + 2 (15) (bargaining)
High German: 2 + 2 (15) (bargaining)
Low German: 2 + 2 (15) (bargaining)
Arabic: 2 + 2 (15) (bargaining)
Profession - Merchant: 0 (+2 xp)

Animal Handling 2 (donkeys) (15)

Etiquette: 4 (50) (Merchants)
Leadership: 2 (15) (cargo crews) (+4 xp)
Teaching: 2 (15) (merchants)

Area Lore, silk road west end: 2 (15) (markets)
Area lore, venice: 2 (15) (markets)
Intrigue: 2 (15) (merchants)

Has funded cheese maker in Patras.

Name: Iosif Rosi
Age: 25
Size: 0
Confidence: 1(3)
Year Born: 1195
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Greek
Place of Origin: Near Marathon
Height: 180.34 cm
Weight: 63.5029 kg
Religion: Christian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Handedness: Left

Int: + 1 (Educated)
Per: +1 (Alert)
Str: +2 (Fell-Handed)
Sta: +1 (Well-Trained)
Pre: +2 (Dashing)
Com: -2 (Pantomime Based Communication)
Dex: +1 (Dextrous)
Qik: +2 (Excellent Reflexes)


Premonitions (1), Piercing Gaze (1), Privileged Upbringing (1), Affinity with Single Weapon (1), Warrior (1), Mild Aging (1), Strong Willed (1), Puissant Leadership(1), Latent Magical Ability (1), Improved Characteristics (1)

Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Unknown Magical Being), Optimistic (Major), Driven (Minor), Greater Malediction (Magic Muteness)

Awareness 3 (Bodyguarding) - 15 - Early Life. 15 exp
Charm 2 (First Impressions) - 15 - Early Life
Athletics 2 (Hiking) - 15 - Early Life
Romaic Greek 5 (Reading) - Native
Civil and Canon Law (Or local Equivalent) 2 (Around Athens) - 15 Privileged Upbringing
Artes Liberales 3 (Grammar) - 30 Privileged Upbringing
Bargain 2 (Fine Goods) - 5 Privileged Upbringing, 10 exp
Single Weapon 5 (Swords) - 50 Warrior, 25 Affinity = 75 total
Premonitions 5 (Threats to Friends) - First Point Free, 70 exp
Etiquette 2 (Merchants) - 15 exp
Guile 2 (Lying to Customers) - 15 exp
Profession Merchant 2 (Keeping Budget) - 15 exp
Duchy of Athens Lore 2 (Personalities) - 15 exp
Chirurgie 2 (Binding Wounds) - 15 exp
Leadership 3 (Intimidation) - 30 exp
Ride 2 (Long Distances) - 15 exp
Animal Handling 1 (Horses) - 5 exp
Brawl 2 (Punches) - 15 exp
Folk Ken 3 (Townsfolk) - 30 exp
Stealth 1 (Hiding) - 5 exp
Survival 1 (On the Road) - 5 exp
Teaching 2 (Single Weapon) - 15 exp
Swim 1 (Rivers) - 5 exp
Carouse 1 (Staying Sober) - 5 Exp

Traveling Clothes, Longsword
Courageous +3, Optimistic +3, Stubborn +2


Born to a very wealthy merchant near Marathon, Iosif was the eldest of his family’s children, and meant to one day take over his family’s business. His father controlled a small fleet of ships which moved a variety of goods. Somewhere around the age of 11, Iosif’s father came into possession of a strange, but beautifully polished stone. In the dark, it seemed to glow a dim violet color at times. Some of his father’s friends begged him to get rid of the stone, but the man believed he could probably fetch a high price for it.

Then one late night, during a new moon a few months later, Iosif managed to find his father and mother dead, along with many other bodyguards and associates of his father. He found a strange...large man wearing nothing but a light robe standing over his father’s body, holding the rock his father found. The man had no hair on his body, and his eyes seemed to glow violet.

In anger and frustration, Iosif grabbed the closest blunt object, and rushed the man with a yell. He managed to strike the rock with his makeshift club, shattering it, causing it to splinter all over him causing a cut right over his eyes on his brow. The man sounded furious, those his face did not show it. He struck the boy in the throat, and tossed him from a nearby window on to the ground a few stories below. Iosif rolled into a nearby river, gasping for breath, as he watched the strange man glare at him furiously from up above. The young boy ran away, and managed to find a local to try and get help...but when he tried speaking to him, no words came out. When he tried to go back home, he found the place abandoned, no one in sight.

Desperate, and confused, Iosif managed to find a mercenary that used to work his father. Taking some pity on the boy, the mercenary took the child in and made him work in his band. As the boy grew used to fighting, and communicating with no sound, he began to get...visions. Senses of incoming danger to himself and his allies. At first, they were vague, but as he grew older, the visions became more vivid. And then he began receiving premonitions of the strange man again...coming after him moments before he appeared.

Iosif began running to avoid the strange man, and disappeared from his mercenary company around the age of 22. He wasn’t sure why the man was still after him, but he didn’t want to be caught by him again. He needed to find some way to stop that monster, so he began wandering all over Greece to try and find a way to stop it.


Anastasia was born to a young couple just outside of Athens. The details of her conception are not known, but Magi from House Merinita were able to tie her father to a party involving nymphs and satyrs just nine months prior to her birth. It was suspected that he was influenced by some of the nymphs such that any child he conceived would have nymph blood.

The Merinita magi kept a watch on Anastasia until she came of age, looking for signs of the Gift. When they found such signs, they approached her parents and convinced them that it was better for everyone if she was trained in her talents. She was therefore brought to the next Tribunal where her fate for the next fourteen years would be decided.

Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Pre +1, Com +3 Str -2, Sta +1, Dex -2, Qik +1
Size: 0
Age: 14 (14)
Height: 5’0"
Weight: 90 lbs
Gender: Female
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)

[size=150]Personality Traits[/size]
Friendly: +3
Optimistic: +2
Curious: +2

The Gift (free)
Affinity with Herbam (minor)
Apt Student (minor)
Educated (minor)
Faerie Blood: Nymph (minor)
Gentle Gift (major)
Personal Vis Source (minor) [She may not have this virtue quite yet]
Quiet Magic (minor)
Subtle Magic (minor)

  • I assume she doesn’t get a free house virtue yet since he hasn’t been trained.

Ability Block: Martial (minor)
Busybody (minor)
Faerie Heritage (major)
Flawed Parma Magica: Ignem (minor)
Optimistic (minor)
Waster of Vis (major)

Artes Liberales (ritual magic) 2 [Latin and Greek alphabets]
Athletics (grace) 2
Awareness (alertness) 2
Bargain (books) 2
Charm (looking innocent) 3
Classical Greek (hermetic usage) 3
Etiquette (townfolk) 2
Folk Ken (townfolk) 3
Music (singing) 2
Order of the Neraides Lore (???) 1
Philosophiae (ritual magic) 1
Romaic Greek 5 [Native]
Stealth (sneaking) 1
Survival (hills and mountains) 1
Swim (long distances) 2

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[size=85]Edited to add personality traits.[/size]
[size=85]Edited to account for adventure-based skill change.[/size]

Charmion the Water Nymph

Faerie Might: 10 (Aquam) +10 in her spring

Int 0
Per 0
Pre +3
Com +1
Str 0
Sta 0
Dex 0
Qik 0

Increased Faerie Might (1)
Place of Power (her spring and regio) (1)
Faerie Sight (1)
Faerie Speech (1)
Humanoid Faerie (1)
Greater Faerie Power (3)

Passes for Human (free)
Narrowly Cognizant (free)
Observant (free)

Traditional Ward (religious symbols) (-1)
Restricted Might (winter) (-3)
Driven (to be worshipped as a goddess again) (-3)
Social Handicap (knowledge of society is 1000 years out of date) (-1)

Personality traits:
Proud +3, Benevolent +2, Jealous +2

Faerie Speech 5 (divine pronouncements)
Music 5 (singing)
Swim 5 (underwater)
Athletics 3 (grace)
Awareness 3 (humans)
Charm 3 (potential worshippers)
Leadership 3 (inspiration)
Folk Ken 3 (peasants)
Brawl 3 (dodging)
Etiquette 2 (worshippers)

Enthralling Sound
3 points, Init -3, Mentem
Can create infatuation by singing and dancing. RoP:F p. 58
(Costs 30 spell levels)
Penetration: 0, or 5 in her spring

Mighty Torrent of Water
2 points, Init -2, Aquam
As the spell, ArM5 p. 121
(Costs 20 spell levels)
Penetration: 0, or 10 in her spring

Charmion is a nymph who has lived in the mountain spring for thousands of years. She resides in a Faerie regio whose entrance is hidden underwater in the spring.

In pre-Roman times, Charmion was a local folk tale, a beautiful maiden occasionally glimpsed by shepherds near the river. In Roman times she came to be worshipped as a minor deity, and her worshippers established a temple around the spring. Her worshippers included wizards of the Cult of Mercury, who either created or were drawn to the Magical aura outside her regio. Charmion was indifferent to the magical content of her worshippers' rites, but she gained vitality from their religious emotions and grew strong. She would appear to them on certain holy days, but sparingly: she gained as much vitality from their anticipation of her appearance as she did from their emotions when seeing her.

When the Roman Empire adopted Christianity, Charmion's cult vanished. Without the vitality of her worshippers, she slowly lessened in power. She continued to appear to local people, as she had in the days before her cult, but she hated Christianity and so demanded that anyone she interacted with renounce it. Locals came to believe that she was a succubus tempting people away from Christ, and people avoided the spring, further starving her of vitality.

Charmion hungers to regain the power she had in the Roman days. She recognises Hermetic magi as being akin to her Mercurian cultists, so she has offered to be the covenant's patron in the hope that the magi will either restore something like her Roman cult, or help her become more powerful in another way. She does not demand that the magi themselves worship her or renounce Christianity, but she does demand that they treat her with respect and not openly wear religious symbols in her presence. She is prepared to leave her spring to travel with the magi on adventures, if by doing so she would play an appropriate role in their stories.

[size=150]Christophoros the Schoolmaster[/size] (see this thread for more details)
Age: 42 (apparent 41)
Decrepitude: 0 (1)

Characteristics: Int +2, Per 0, Str -1, Sta 0, Pre +2, Com +2, Dex 0 Qik -1

Virtues: Failed Apprentice, Magister in Artibus, Wealthy, Good Teacher, Social Contacts (academics), Unaging
Flaws: Proud (Major), Dark Secret (stole his wealth from Xilinites), Arthritis, Avaricious (Minor), Missing Hand (left arm at the elbow), Offensive to Animals

Personality Traits: Proud +3, Conflicted (about relationship with magi) +2, Brave (physical violence) -1, Headstrong +2

Area Lore: Corinth (slums) 2
Area Lore: Constantinople (legends) 3
Artes Liberales (astronomy) 6
Awareness (alertness) 2
Bargain (services) 3
Brawl (fist) 1
Civil & Canon Law (Constantinople) 2
Code of Hermes (mundane relations) 2
Concentration (reading) 1
Dominion Lore (saints) 2
Etiquette (nobility) 3
Faerie Lore (water faeries) 3
Folk Ken (nobles) 2
Guile (his past) 4
Infernal Lore (demons) 2
Language: Romaic Greek (slang) 5
Language: Classical Greek 6 (academic usage)
Language: Latin 5 (academic usage)
Language: Oghuz (Ottoman Turkish) 3
Leadership (apprentices) 3
Magic Lore (genii loci) 4
Magic Theory (Mentem) 4
Order of Hermes Lore (covenants) 4
Philosophiae (metaphysics) 5
Profession: Schoolmaster (logistics) 5
Profession: Scribe (elegant script) 2
Teaching (Artes Liberales) 5
Theology (history) 1
Background: Born in Corinth, had the Gentle Gift and became the apprentice of a Jerbiton magus of Thermakopolis (in Constantinople). A lab accident -- due to risky experimentation -- almost destroyed his Gift. His master was given a shard because of this, but was otherwise unpunished. The boy was still kept on and trained as a scribe and occasional lab assistant. Although he was resentful at being considered a "resource" by the covenant, for without the fool-hardiness of his master he could have become a magus himself. At one point he was "given" to the covenant of Xilinites, where he received additional training as a teacher. When Constantinople fell in 1204, he was greviously wounded (losing his left arm at the elbow) and was abandoned when the last Jerbiton magi of Xilinites fled into exile. He knew, however, of a secret hiding place where the covenant hid a cache of gold and gems. He stole these and fled to Italy, where he used this wealth to become a student at the University of Arezzo, becoming a Magister. He came back to Thebes a few years ago, under a new name, to bargain his services to the Order in exchange for a longevity ritual. Unknown to him, the magical accident that damaged his Gift made him immune to the more damaging effects of aging, although his apparent age kept progressing normally.

Personality: Christophoros is quite status-conscious and proud. He uses his wealth (what he doesn't simply accumulate) to further the appearance that he is of noble background. He is still slightly resentful of the fact that he never became a magus, and for being abandoned by the Jerbiton of Xilinites. But he realizes that he has come a long way from the son of a prostitute (something he also keeps secret) -- something that fuels his pride.

Gabriel Monomochos Might:5

Int 0 Per 0
Pre 3 Com 3
Str 0 Sta 1
Dex 0 Quick 0

traditional ward(minor -1)
outlaw leader(minor -1)
susceptible to deprivation(minor -1)
Compassionate(major -3)
role requires suffering(minor -1)
Dark Secret(major -3)

warrior(minor +1)
improved characteristics(minor +1)
humanoid faerie(minor +1)
external vis(major +3)
improved characteristics(minor +1)
ostentatious(major +3)
faerie trainer(free +0)

Romaic Greek -reading 5
stealth 3
athletics 2
bow 6 (3)*
single weapon 6 (3)*
leadership 6
brawl 6 *
survival 4
hunt 4
swim 3
ride 3
intrigue 3
charm 2
Guile (1)
Teaching: 1

Gabriel Monomochos was a leader of a small band of resistance fighters during the Latin invasion. Unbeknownst to any save his small band he died from wounds sustained during a raid against the Latins. His body was buried in an unmarked and unsanctified grave, and never was a word spoken of his death- this was his deathbed wish, that his legend might live on and cause further grief for the Latin invaders.
And it has, made manifest in faerie flesh, the current version of the legend accomplished many heroic tasks during the invasion, but now contents itself with righting wrongs perpetrated by Latin Lords upon the Greek peasantry. In most current versions of the story there is some higher lord of the Latins who eventually sees the wrongs being done and helps to correct the problem after Gabriel has gone through much effort to protect the people of Greece, but these are recent stories and largely changed simply to make them less offensive to any Latins who might overhear.
The current Gabriel has a band of human outlaws who follow him- the composition of this band is ever changing as real people age, move on, and new youth are drawn in by the legend. He can train men to fight, the three skills for actual fighting being actual human abilities rather than faerie pretenses. He has joined the covenant in order to help protect the culture of the Greeks from the Latin Lords, and serves as a de facto Turb leader.