Compendium of Rego Craft

I'm trying to compile a list of ALL the Rego Craft spells that might be available for a Rego/Finesse specialist to purchase, and how much their lab texts would cost to buy. Only, I don't have all the books.

Spells titles and page references only for published material. If you've got one that a character made, feel free to give me whatever notes you might want (including personality of the seller).

There are a bunch scattered throughout Covenants. Some like smithing are in the earlier section. Others like binding books are toward the back. I can check for pages later.


Art and Academe page 70, Brew the Healing Tonic - ReHe(An,Te) level 4. The box text on this page gives the guidelines for replicating alchemical reagents or pharmaceutical theriacs with rego craft magic, and refers you to the main rego craft guidelines in Covenants page 49.

NB this sample spell is errata'd at to give the correct finesse. The spell levels are very low for these, but the finesse roll required is level of formula +9, so they range from 12 to 29!

MoH have a few spells to weave cloth as i recall, while projects have a few to build/repair ships

(Info useful to selecting finesse numbers: City & Guild, 67-9)

Covenants, pg 49-51(wood, metal, husbandry) , 96-7(library crafts)
HoH:S 60-1 (recap of rules, no spells)

  • pg 40-1, architecture
  • pg 57, trenches
  • pg 63-4, ship building
  • pg 70, sailing

I don't have A&A, so any others from that book would be appreciated!

I can't find the ones in MoH. Help, please?

Also, I can't find any information on the market value of lab texts. Covenants' pricing section is entirely based on Quality, and is heavily focused on summae.

I assume he meant the ReAn spells on p. 57 and the ReHe spells on p. 58, though the reference might also be to p. 100 (and p. 101).

Blessed Relief of the Benighted Reins (ReCo 25), page 60.
Sever the Unwanted Limb (ReCo 25), page 60.
(I guess these two could be considered Rego Craft, "Chirurgy" version...)

Also, it is not a spell, but page 66 states that Rego Craft magic can be used to prepare pharmacy ingredients for preservation and such.

Rough-Hewn Servant (ReHe 10), ToME, p. 55

The Covenants note above left out The Enchanted Chef on page 52. Yes, it's an item, but all you have to do is drop 5 levels from uses to get the spell.


Possibly the first reason I've heard of to pick up ToME. That spell name has me completely intrigued!

I must admit my main use ToME is that particular page.

Others seem to have great use of it though.

A very useful page indeed.