Compiled Spell Guidelines

Greetings, all!

In an effort to get this new saga off the ground, I was hoping to find a compilation of spell guidelines. I own all the books, but the spell guidelines info seems to be scattered all over the place. I was hoping it had been consolidated by someone...

Anyone know of such a document?

Thanks in advance!


I made such a collection, but unfortunately AG does not wish me to share it. Which may be for the best, since it probably includes some houserules of mine (I don't quite remember); it's better not to trust to me :slight_smile:

At any rate, I'd suggest simply going through the supplements and compiling the new guidelines yourself. There aren't that many, and together with the core book that should be sufficient. I also believe Atlas would be willing to post such a PDF as a free download, although you'd have to ask them.

A partial index to supplemental guidelines can be found on the HermesWeb wiki - please do feel free to change the page to correct any omissions or mistakes! It doesn't include RoPM guidelines, for one thing.

Benevolent and generous as they have proven to be, it is a central enough part of the game that I don't think they would. Indices are one thing, but this would cross the line.

Hm, I can understand the issue, though I wonder how useful such a list would be without the accompanying rules.

Hm, well, I guess I'll just get to photocopying the pages. Inelegant, but it works.

Can anyone clue me in on the volumes that indeed have the various new guidelines, to focus my efforts?

I appreciate all the responses!


The link in my first post has all of them, I think, excepting anything from City & Guild onward (it lists where the rules are, so books not there are not there...).