Comprehend Magic

Hello , I have a question about the supernatural ability ' comprehend magic' of Pralicians and liked the flaw .
First, the focus of pralicians only works With The magic realm , but comprehend magic ?
Works on supernatural powers of other kingdoms as fey powers? And fey powers masking magic? And supernatural powers related to dominion or infernal? Can my Pralician comprehend this magic forms or not?
If not, then the full magic resistance is applied against non magic realm linked powers or allways half?

Are you talking real or hypothetical uses of Comprehend Magic?

By it's name - I'd say it applies to the magic realm only and save myself the headache of figuring out how it works with other realms and just say it doesn't.

If it works with other realms or not seems like a saga dependent thing. Though I would say as much that if it doesn't work with other realms, then you should get your full magic resistance against spellcasters of those other realms. If it does work with other realms, then you would need to analyze them just as for magic.

Personally I would let it work with all realms but not be able to distinguish between them necessarily. Specifically it should not be able to determine if something is infernal.

This is my question. Thanks. I feel if work with other realms is a bit (a lot xD) to much. But i read the book many times, and i dont know if work with all supernatural abilities or just magic realm aligned effects, because the power is not clare, and there are supernatural abilities from others reals that are like magic: curse magic, charms... mandrake magus, ctonian magic, the same powers tought by fey.
If a fearie tought me the charm skill, this is magic or is a fearie power?
The Flaw, readed again, is very clear: only vs spellcasters: so work only vs people who cast magic spells.

There are spellcasters whose magic has nothing to do with the Magic Realm; for example, faerie wizardry, the Maleficia, or Holy Traditions.

I assume that Comprehend Magic works against magic designed for human use. This includes Realm Magic, but not the natural powers of Realm creatures.

I like to be nice to the cute little Pralicians. So I just make it so it only works against traditions that have things that could be integrated into Hermetic Magic.

... Wait... Holy Magic... Chthonic Magic... House Merinita...

Crap, does my definition exclude anything at all? o_o

Apparently their ability works on everything but God's miracles. Never mind, I recommend limiting it to Magic.

I would have Comprehend Magic work on a spellcaster if and only if the Praliix magus Parma was penalized by his Weak Magic Resistance Flaw vs that spellcaster unless it was comprehended.