Comprehensive item effect listing

Years ago we (the forum) put together a list of all of the spells in fifth edition. At that time we didn't make a similar list of magic item effects. (Largely because I was- and still am- somewhat lazy.)

But now after 20 books and looking at the incredible treasure trove of enchanted item cleverness that is Magi of Hermes I think that it might well be time to make one. I'd be willing to do Magi of hermes,Semita Errebunda, ToME and perhaps some of the other books, is there enough enthusiasm on the list that we could find volunteers for every book?

I was thinking of just using the same format that we have for the spell list, unless anyone has a way to improve it?

Ars Magica 5th Edition Core Rulebook

The Fallen Fane LARP there are no items in this book

The Broken Covenant of Calebais

Guardians of the Forests:The Rhine Tribunal gambo

Houses of Hermes: True Lineages Gremlin44

Realms of Power: The Divine rich_evans

The Mysteries,Revised Edition


Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults Gremlin44

Realms of Power: The Infernal rich_evans

City & Guild gambo

Ancient Magic

Houses of Hermes: Societates Gremlin44

The Lion and the Lily: The Normandy Tribunal gambo

Art & Academe gambo

Realms of Power: Magic rich_evans

Hedge Magic, Revised Edition

Realms of Power: Faerie rich_evans

Tales of Mythic Europe Erik Tyrrell

Magi of Hermes Erik Tyrrell

Semita Errebunda Erik Tyrrell

I'd be more than happy to participate in making the list.

I have all the books listed except Broken Covenant of Calebais and Magi of Hermes and don't mind doing any of them. For now, however, I guess I'll take the three HoH books (True Lineages, Mystery Cults & Societates).

Questions: What infomation are we listing? Also, what should we do with the information once it's been compiled?

There's a spreadsheet (I'll send it to you once we get rolling), its got the following columns
Technique req
Form req
Special Requirements

The special requirements box is for stuff like faerie magic or hermetic empowerment

Sign me up for any/all. I've got a fairly high tolerance for this kind of thing :slight_smile: Let's start me out with the 4 ROP books.

PM me with your emails and I'll send you out the spreadsheet (I've done Semita Errebunda already).

A few notes:
If you're looking at an invested device with several powers I want the name of the powers not the device.

Ignore the word "The" at the beginning of effect names, it makes alphabetization more useful

In the exceedingly unlikely event that there are identical effects with two different names then put them on the same line (in the spell list we have Sap the Griffin's Strength and Dragon's Eternal Oblivion as duplicates).

I would also like to collaborate. I volunteer for the two tribunal books, Art & Academe and City & Guild.

So, the RoP books have no magic items, with the possible exception of the magical vis stuff. What those books do have is a large amount of creature powers.

These powers will fit in the enchanted effects excel sheet except that they generally don't have a Technique or a Level (the RoP:M powers typically have all that).

(1)Do I include the RoP:M powers since they mostly conform to the item powers outline?

(2)If I include the RoP:M powers do I also include the other RoP powers, even though they are missing some info?

(3)If I include the other RoP powers, do we have everyone include beasty powers from all the books, perhaps in a separate list?

I think (1) is a no brainer, I should have it done tomorrow night. However, (2) makes sense to me since we're looking for ancillary spell-lilke powers (I think) but perhaps we want to make a separate beast powerz list rather than include all these in with the item powers.


edit: Actually I mean to say that (1) is "Include the vis item powers as they are really magical item powers". The books also has a ton of beasty powers, though they are formatted much like the item powers. The vis powers should be no problem, the beast powers will take me a little longer.


Here are my opinions

It is a list og enchanted item powers, I think that creature powers should go on a separate list. (and that we should make one).

For item powers that are not hermetic you should see how much description you can fit in to the special requirements field.

While vis powers are not technically "enchanted item powers" they are an item and they have a power (and the power is formatted like an enchanted item power). If vis powers are not "enchanted Item powers" then there are (I think, as I sit here at work) two enchanted items in all of the RoP books. Either way I'll get you the list tonight after work.

I've already started on the creature/item powers in RoP:M and will be working on the other RoP creatures as I get time.