Computer Worm

Wrning!! Non-Ars topic.

I was reading about an insidious virus that is set to go off tomorrow. I have run tests on my machine and I believe I am clear. As a precaution, I am backing up all my Ars Mad files. Screw work related stuff, I will insure the safety of what is important!

Anyway, a precaution suggested to me was to disable my radio before I go to bed, start up in the morning using safe mode. If it starts up, I am in the clear. If it does not, I am infected, but not connected to the net. Start normal and run one-care again, and retest.

But I am an idiot, and I have no computer education or training whatsoever (funny that I have an IT staffing job). I don't know if I have recieved sound advice or not. Many of you are much more knowledgable than I. Anything you would suggest?

The purpose of it is to lay low until commanded to do something. Most likely it is to issue a large scale dos attack, but who knows...

watch your network traffic, if it gets throttled you probably got it.

Edit: i just realised that info was near usless :stuck_out_tongue: