Concentration and its specialties

Hello everyone, so I have a question regarding spacialties for the Concentration ability. In the rule book, as exemple, there is lab work. However, I couldn't find any rules where Concentration applies in any laboratory work. Thus, I was wondering if I missed something.


I am allowing myself a little bump there. Hopefully someone can answer me. :slight_smile:

I think the silence, and now my post, is about all the confirmation you'll receive that you are not missing anything. This specialty might be a holdover from previous editions...

I think you're right.

I have three active characters with the Concentration skill. One is specialised in "prayer", one in "combat" (never hurts to keep your wits about you), and the other in "Steady Hands" (important for a beekeeper).

Much as Concentration is useful to a magus, it actually covers a rather wide variety of applications!

Thanks for your answer both of you.

Even when recalling 4th ed mechanics - where Concentration was added to Int + Quality of book for study totals - I can't see how 'labwork' should be a beneficial speciality.

I guess if something disturbs you during sensetive labwork the speciality is viable. So story events causing interruptions? Although there are no rules and mechanics for this the SG may require this, perhaps? When experimenting and rolling 'special or story event'?

Mostly I see magi taking 'spell concentration' as speciality. We also tend to see grogs with concentration in order to stay awake during night sentry duties.

For magi "maintaining spells" (for bonus to the roll, or adding 15 minutes to concentration duration in non-stressful situations) is my most used. I've seen someone take "controlling magic addiction" for someone with that flaw. A Muto Vim specialist might take "Casting multiple spells".

If I remember rightly, there's Christian mystics in the church book who use Concentration for their meditation, they'd probably want a very particular specialisation.

I think using Harnessed Magic and suppressing your Parma both count as "concentrating" so may need a roll, but I doubt you'd get enough use to make the specialisation worth it. Would Twilight Avoidance or "during certamen" be worth it?

In the Ars 5 main rulebook, most of the sample magi have "spellcasting" except the Guernicus who has "Observing people or places". I agree that it gives "spell concentration, reading and lab work" as the three examples under the Ability description on page 64, but seeing as using Concentration for reading was a 3rd and 4th edition thing, I suspect labwork is also a 4th edition thing.

Well I wrote some house rules to create mundane potions (aka ARS BOTANICA) and that science may need some Concentration(Labwork), who knows ?

My players are also working in a very small covenant, so the laboratory rooms are quite exiguous. If many of them decide to pass the same season working on different stuff, the room will become very busy and some Concentration(Labwork) may be required.

Anyway, there are lots of possibilities for other Concentration specialities.