Concentration Spell Duration

Hi all, its my first post here. Since me and my friends are going to start a saga very soon, I would like to read about a question one of the troupe asked and I couldnt answer. The 5th edition manual says that in absence of distractions, a spell with Concentartion Duration, can be manteined for 15 minutes for every point the magus has in the Concentration ability. What happens if a magus casts such a spell and he has no point in that ability. Thank u for ur answers, couldnt find anything about it..

In the absence of printed rules you'll have to make up your own. Certainly concentration rolls could be made in the absence of the skill.

I'd set the duration at one to ten minutes and switch it up with a die roll because I think that the element of risk would be a fun addition to the game, but I have no justification for why this is a good idea besides the fact that it suits my fancy.

Well, the rules don't cover it so you'll have to make your own decision. I think it's reasonable to set a limit less than 15 minutes; maybe 5 minutes.


Sir Garlon

Use the skill rules on page 62.
Concentration does not have an * , so it can be used untrained.
You are treated as having a score of zero ,
but roll 03 extra botch dice.
If you place even a single experience point in it ,
then it is used as zero , with no extra botch dice.

You could treat someone without the Concentration skill
as distracted automatically , i.e. a continuing situation
and require a roll every 02 minutes.
Keep the ease factors the same , but add the 03 botch dice.

Perhaps a default of
15 minutes + 15 minutes per rank in Concentration skill.
This would allow for someone with Rank Zero.