Conceptions of the Platonic Form: spells for moderation

Conceptions of the Platonic Form: By Carissa of Jerbiton

Conjure the Winged Messenger CrAn 30
Requisite: Auram, Rego
This spell creates a pigeon that can carry a short written message which must be tied to its leg. The Rego requisite allows the caster to direct the bird to fly to a location for which she has an arcane connection (the bird can fly up to 500 miles, non-stop in good weather). The arcane connection is placed in the bird’s beak and remains there for the duration of the flight. At sunset or sunrise the bird disappears, though the message will remain.
Carissa observed that certain breeds of pigeon were capable of finding their way home over long distances and across unfamiliar territory. She developed this spell so she could communicate with her covenant when away on extended journeys.
[B: 10, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual; Requisite +1]
(base 10 allows a bird to be created, so auram requisite given free)

Purification of the Clear Well CrAq 30
This ritual is cast upon the waters of a well. Any disease or poisonous agent within the waters is removed, leaving the water clean and free of taint (unless one is later introduced).
Having made some study of medicine, Carissa read that drinking water could cause ill health. Recognising that unclean water might cause imbalance of the humours, she developed this ritual to ensure the water was clean. Carissa, being wealthier than most villagers, never drank water herself, of course. She exclusively drank watered wine or weak cider.
[B: 25, R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Individual; Ritual]
(I’ve been slightly generous with the effect (allowing poisons and disease agents) given the limited applications of this spell)

Breath of the Impenetrable Fog CrAu 20
By this spell, the Maga is able to create a thick, impenetrable fog that extends for about a mile in every direction. Visibility within this severe fog can be restricted to only a few paces. Strong winds can cause the fog to move (as a mass) and at the end of the spell the fog dissipates naturally.
Aware that some of the nobles had taken an interest in her, Carissa became aware that she was being followed (she presumed in an attempt to trace her covenant). She waited until she had ridden up into the hills, before using this spell to hide her from her pursuers. She recommends using the spell ‘True Sight of the Air’ in conjunction with this spell.
[B: 3, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, Size +1]

Healing Touch of Vision Restored CrCo 35
By touching the afflicted eye, the Maga can restore it to working order. This spell often reflects the wizard’s sigil in the colour or shape of the iris. Note: this spell is ineffective if the eye has been lost for more than a month; thus characters with the ‘Blind’ (p52) trait (or similar flaw) gain no benefit from this spell.
When her trusted companion lost an eye whilst fighting to defend her, Carissa was determined to cure his injury. Unfortunately, by the time she had developed this ritual it was too late to restore the damage done to his vision.
[B: 25, R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Part +1; Ritual]
(I’ve considered an eye to be much the same level as a limb for the purposes of establishing the base level)

Conjure the Bad Apple CrHe 30
Requisite: Muto
This spell appears to create a ripe, tasty looking apple. However, a person who bites into this apple will be affected by a strong plant-based poison (Incapacitating; Stm check 6+).
Carissa developed this spell as a subtle way of removing a gluttonous noble whose tax upon the local villagers left them to starve.
[B: 5, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual; Requisite +1; Stm chk of 6 +1]
(I’ve used Muto Aquam effects as a base for the poison – as no model for plant based poisons)

I see no reason to include an Auram requisite. are you channeling third edition or is there something that I missed?

Is the one month limit just flavor or is there another reason for it? I would imagine that in many cases the "blind" flaw is a part of essential nature and not permanently healable. In most cases I'd speak with the player and find them a new flaw or a reason that the spell does not work.

haha ... yes you caught me. I'm still thinking in AM3 - the requisite can be ditched.

Mainly for flavour, I guess. The severed limb restored puts a time limit (by function of the limb rotting). I guess I liked the slight urgency (My magus has lost an eye! Find a Magus who can fix me quick!) - but, the time limit could easily be longer (or dropped altogether).

With CrCo , it's really easy to make dead bodies.
A magus can easily make a formulaic spell that creates a "dead" version of himself.
You invest this spell in an item.
Should you lose any major body parts (eye , limbs , whatever) ,
you activate the item , Rego the appropriate body part in place
and Heal Away (Ritually of course).
BoAF the rest of the dead 'you" away or PeCo this obvious arcane connection.
And we make sure that the "Create Dead Me" item is well secured. :mrgreen:

in order to get a body that does not disappear at the end of the spell duration the spell needs to be a ritual. You can't put rituals in items.

:blush: As you can see from my post time , it was early a.m. (i have been awake all night).
I did forget that a Creo'd body was temporary.
However , if you replace the missing body part from your own corpse (as it were)
this is a significant arcane connection to yourself.
It takes only one month in a lab to make a permanent arcane connection.

So if you have an arcane connection to yourself being part of yourself , why cant a Creo Ritual effectively make that part permanent?
I can't see why a Healing Ritual is more difficult with the missing part in place than without.
You can obviously make the formulaic spell of long enough duration to cover the time needed for the ritual.

So you can have an item that makes a temporary corpse ,
and the CrCo Ritual Healing makes the part replaced permanent.
Which is what i was trying to say.

I agree with you but just one small correction, it takes a season to fix an arcane connection & vim vis.

I would add that the new eye would be odd in some whay since it is not really your eye. Depending on the sigil of the provider of the part, it would be a bit different from the other.


I agree - I suggested either the shape of the pupil or the colour of the iris, but I can imagine others (e.g. slightly bloodshot, for a sigil involving blood, etc)

Scorched Library of Secrets Destroyed CrIg 15
Causes all parchment within a room to ignite into flames. Having been lit, the parchment continues to burn naturally, the flames spreading as a natural fire.
This is a formulaic version of a spell enchanted into a special item in the Covenant library. After a brutal attack upon the covenant by the Order of Odin, the magi of Carissa’s covenant were determined that the contents of their library would never fall into their hands. Every magus had to learn this spell; to be cast in the eventuality of the covenant being lost.
[B: 3, R: Voice +2, D: Momentary, T: Room +2]

Restore the Form of the Invisible Foe CrIm 5
This spell restores the visual image of anyone in a room who has destroyed it using magic (so long as the spell penetrates magic resistance).
[B: 1, R: Touch +1, D: Diameter +1, T: Room +2]

(This might work better as a ‘General’ effect – what do people think?)

Restore the Lost Image CrIm (General)
Restores the lost image from any one PeIm spell whose level you match or exceed with a stress die + level of this spell.
[Base Effect] R: Voice +2, D: Momentary, T: Individual

Subtle Word to the Distant Companion CrMe 20
Allows the caster to create words in the mind of a person to whom she has an Arcane connection.
Carissa often used this spell in conjunction with the spell “Ear for Distant Voices” to hold conversations with her companions and spies whilst they were aboard. To anyone observing, the target might seem to be merely talking to himself.
[B: 3, R: Arcane +4, D: Diameter +1, T: Individual]

Piercing Shaft of the Javelin CrTe 25
Requisite: Rego
Creates a 3 foot long javelin of solid iron, which is propelled at high speed (by the Rego effect) to automatically strike the target of the spell. Upon striking, assuming it penetrates any magical resistance, the victim receives +15 damage.
Carissa developed this spell, as an alternative to the more ‘showy’ Ignem spells, to defend herself from mundane attackers.
[B: 5, R: Voice +2, D: Momentary, T: Individual; Shape +1, Requisite +1]
(Pilum of fire is the same damage for a magnitude less – but then I like Ignem to be the principle ‘damage dealing’ form compared to others)

Subtle Word to the Distant Companion CrMe 20
Allows the caster to create words in the mind of a person to whom she has an Arcane connection.
Carissa often used this spell in conjunction with the spell “Ear for Distant Voices” to hold conversations with her companions and spies whilst they were aboard. To anyone observing, the target might seem to be merely talking to himself.
[B: 3, R: Arcane +4, D: Diameter +1, T: Individual]

Nice way to get a telepathic conversation at a lower level.


I would see these two effects into a magical obj.