Condition Flaws

A sideline issue from our latest discussion...

how do you rule about the possibility of taking (condition) Flaws multiple times ? the ones that include a specific triggering condition. Do you allow taking it multiple times for different condition, or do you conflate different conditions in the same Flaw. The issue may arise for Ordeals. At least in one case (Vulnerable Magic) the rules allow to take it multiple times:

Some examples: Vulnerable Magic (iron), Vulnerable Magic (holy objects), Restriction (iron), Restriction (divine objects), Restriction (holy ground), Restriction (being barefoot), Deleterious Circumstances (in a city), Deleterious Circumstances (when sitting), Fury (being insulted), Fury (the Order of Hermes being disparaged), Weak Magical Resistance (true name being known), Weak Magical Resistance (shadow being touched). See also Vow, Prohibition, Lesser/Greater Malediction, Special Circumstances, and Cyclic Magic.

Well, a magus could certainly be vulnerable to iron and divine auras

Oh, sure but should it could as one Flaw or two ? What if it were Restriction instead of Vulnerable ?

As long as the 2 conditions are within reason, 2 flaws.

Touching iron while under the influence of the divine is too little for 1 flaw, Touching iron or being under the influence of the divine is too big for one.

IMO, the same thing goes for restriction: You could be unable to cast magic while touching the target, and/or while in a storm

I would only allow the taking of restricting or vulnearability to the same thing (touch iron, for example), not both at the same time.

If someone took all those I would grant the flaw of "reputation: hedge wizard" among all the "true" hermetic houses, since his lineage is clearly lacking in the skill to teach "proper" hermetic magic. Too many hermetic flaws! That would be an additional flawe point,w ith no corresponding virtue. Simply to show that abusing the "glitches" of the V&F system can have consequences. :confused:

Otherwise you can take 4 times the inability to cast magic on glass, opals, rubbies and firedrakes and there you go with 4 minor flaws that you can laugh at. Being able to and having a "good feeling" about them are 2 different things.


Oh, yes, that too, of course.

Well agreed.

And as a SG, I'd put him in situations where his flaws impede him :smiling_imp:

Oh, sure, I understand what you mean. On the other hand, if one wants to have both kinds of flaws to similar conditions, I think a good solution might be to buy both Flaws to an overlapping, crossmatching but multiple set of conditions. I mean:

Restriction (touching iron or divine objects)
Vulnerable Magic (touching iron or divine objects)

Possibly. It mostly depends what kinds of Virtues one balances those Flaws with. If one mostly buys Hermetic Virtues, either by vanilla character creation, or by Mysteries, it stands to indicate a powerful, if peculiar, Hermetic Gift. Reputation as an hedge wizard is mostly warranted if one's hermetic magic is flawed AND substandard.

Sure, sure, a precondition of using these kinds of flaws, is that the player must do a good-faith effort to find conditions that are the right amount of vulnerability: neither so common and easy as to be wholly crippling neither so rare and difficult as to be laughable.