Confidence House Rule

I know. It's silly to ask an opinion about an house rule when you don't have a group (I play only with my girlfriend). But I have a new one, and I ask to you, my sodales, an opinion.

In previous editions the use of confidence nullify the botch. Now, no.
I don't like this fact. So..
What do you think if one may nullify botch (or, at least, make them less dangerous) at rate of 1 zero every point of Confidence spent? Or is this too much powerful? I can't playtest it very well..

ufff..... I want a new group.... with one Verditius and one Bonisagus.....and one of Tremere, Flambeau or Tytalus....

[i][size=75]Lo so. E' ridicolo chiedere un'opinione su una regola sodales della casa quando non hai un gruppo (gioco solo con la mia ragazza). ma ne ho una nuova, e chiedo a voi, miei sodales, un opinione.

Nelle precedenti edizioni l'uso di sicurezza annullava i maldestri. Ora, no.
Ciò non mi piace. Quindi...
Che ne pensate se uno potesse annullare i maldestri (o almeno renderli meno pericolosi) pari a uno zero per ogni punto sicurezza speso? O è troppo potente? Io non posso fare sufficienti prove...

ufff..... voglio un nuovo gruppo..... con un Verditius e un Bonisagus..... e un Tremere, Flambeau o Tytalus....[/size][/i]

Good idea, I mean, it's not unbalancing (as long as the Storyguide can use it with it's NPCs)

One confidence point to cancel one botch is okay by me. You only loose a part of the fun. (as a ST I like when players auto-mutilate themselves :stuck_out_tongue: or their poor grogs, this create a lot of funny or awkward memorable scenes.)

I wouldnt use such a HR - but that is because I would miss the botches. And this is not only speaking from evil SGs perspective, as I am just as sure that my players wouldnt want it either. The botches are the most influental element of chance on our stories, and that is even if botches arent that common.

But granted that I were to allow confidence used that way I think the exchange rate would have to take into consideration how fast you (re-)hand out confidence in the first place.

I don't like the botch. No, I LIKE the botch, the twilight, mutilations and so on. I don't like that someone with an ability of 1 botch like the grand master with an ability of 10 an 50 years of experience. So I think i use this rule. If you have seen a little more in your life (and have an higher Confidence) you botch less.

[size=75]Non mi piacciono i maldestri. No, mi Piacciono i maldestri, il crepuscolo, mutilazioni e altro. Non mi piace che qualcuno con un abilità di 1 faccia maldestro come il gran maestro con l'abilità a 10 e 50 anni di esperienza. Quindi penso userò questa regola. Se hai visto qualcosa di più nella tua vita (e hai una Sicurezza più alta) fai meno maldestri.[/size]

The problem with your idea it that someone (like a mage) who never weilded a sword in his whole like, have less botches chances than a professionnal (Grog).

Ah, I see something wrong here, an infernalist (or just some demonist) can generate much faster confidence points than any other characters. This would mean they are much lucky ? Doesn't sound right.

Well, anyway, it's just a potential problem you could have if you let play corrupted characters in your saga with this house rule.

It's not an objection just a warning :wink:

Hum... You could maybe allow the spending of a confidence point per 3 full points in the ability, something like that


If you want characters with high abilities to botch less, try these rules:

A character who has an Ability whose score is 5 (excluding Puissant Ability but including a specialty) rolls one less botch die in all rolls involving that Ability. Every further 3 level in the Ability removes one more botch die. This can eliminate all botch dice.

A magus rolls one less botch die for every two full magnitudes of the Technique and every two full magnitudes of the Form involved, after accounting for requisites. This can eliminate all botch dice.

New General Major Virtue: Mythic Characteristic

You are capable of extraordinary feats involving one of your Characteristics, but without the risk of failure that ordinary people face. Choose a Characteristic that is already at +3 and raise it to +5. In addition, remove one botch die from any roll that involved that Characteristic, even if that results in no botch dice.



Nice HR. Hope you don't mind, but I may be stealing them :slight_smile:

We are curently testing with a house-rule for botches...

A roll of zero reverses the roll. If you roll a zero again, re-roll and double the negative result.

For skills : If the "negative roll" is greater than the skill it is a botch.
For magic : If the negative roll is greather than the magus Finesse you get a botch. Non compatible auras add to the negative roll.

So far, we have run with this for over a year and it seems to produce both a wider range of botches (how much negative did you go again???!?) and a lot less dice on the table. :slight_smile:


Please feel free! I always enjoy when someone gets something useful out of one of my posts.