I have a question about the limit on the use of Confidence. Now, your Confidence score limits how many points you can spend. My question is: is this per round or per roll? At first I thought it was a per-round limit, but reading up on the rules last night, it appears that the limit is per roll. So if I have a Confidence of 2 and 8 confidence points, and for whatever reason I need to make four different rolls in a single round, I can spend up to two points on each roll. Is that correct?

Why not. They are your confidence points. We've never limited them to a certain number a round. I know players who have used them on an Attack roll and a Defense roll in the same round. I don't think that's against the rules.

Matt Ryan

Allrighty then! Cool. Excellent. Go to the Novus Mane saga forum to see some action :wink:

Because of the age of some of our characters we limit the usage of confidence to 'per round'. Otherwise in some circumsatance we would be adding 9 to certamen (for example) defence and attack each roll.

How many confidence points do your characters have stored up? I think that adding three points to attack and three points to defence in a certamen round would exaust the confidence supply of any character in my saga. Have they not been spending any confidence ever?

IMS we had a character that accumulated 20 points "just in case". Finally he faced davnalleus and spent them in multicasting PoF. He botched. 3 times :laughing: Fortunately for him he had an autoteleport spell: condition beiing that he would be beaten nearly to death. He survived. Unfortunately for 2 companions and 3 grogs the situation was way more dire, once the big artillery guy was out of action :frowning:


As a player I barely spend them, and over the course of a long saga they do indeed build up. With major personal successes confidence score does increase. Most stories are meant to result in confidence (as they no longer produce additional XP). So a run of clever plays and lucky dice means that a store of confidence could be built up and then thrown into one combat, one action. So the major NPC villian can't be beaten by just throwing all your confidence at him until he falls over. With the one roll per round roll, he's going to at least have a chance to do something to you without having to climb a very steep wall of confidence.