Conflicting texts?

Ancient Magic, p. 140
[Talking about the hermetic version of the rune magic]
"Every spell that uses the Rune Duration and the Inscription Target is considered a powerful mystical effect, which always gives the target a Warping Point. There is no way to design a rune spell not to Warp a particular target as with other Hermetic spells. That weakness explain why rune wizards are said to have become Warped much more quickly than Hermetic magi, and traditionally guarded their runes very closely, destroying them after they had served their purpose."

Hedge Magic, p. 125
[Talking about the original version of the rune magic]
"Rune magic still causes Warping to a target over time, even though its effects seem natural, as a consequence of being exposed to a constant magical effect. The target also experiences Warping from rune spells of Level 30 or greater, unless the vitki casts the effect on himself."

Both the original and the hermetic version of the rune magic are identical (beside the "translation" from 24 runes to 15 arts), but this part is not.
Are vitki (non Hermetic rune wizards) so much more Warped then Hermetic magi or not?

Vitki use the rules in Hedge Magic, so no. If you want a reason why the text differs, you can always say that Hermetic magi do not understand things well enough, and so their rune effect do warp a lot, while the learners of Odin are much more profficient with runes and such effects do not affect them all the time.

Still, active rune effects are fairly common when you play a vitki, so the vitki and his surroundings will warp rather fast in any case. :slight_smile:

This is why they destroy their runes when not useful anymore :slight_smile:
This, and the fact that they are an Arcane Connection to the caster, and beyond that they function in a manner similar to the spell Opening the Intangible Tunnel.

Still it seems to me that the authors assumed (at the time of the writing of Ancient Magic) that vitki (and Hermetic magi with Hermetic Rune Magic) had to always get Warping with their spells.
Then they changed this in Hedge Magic.