Conjuring Clothes

So my Bjornaer Magus is swimming around in his heartbeast form of an otter, and he wants suddenly needs to get out of the water and run into the nearby town. And he's thinking "Hmm.. a spell to conjure or summon some clothes would be nice just about now!"

So, how to make this? I've seen rules around to craft stuff with Rego. To make a set of leather or wool clothes, wouldn't it be a Creo (Rego) Animal spell, right? But what level? And how do Finesse count here?
The clothes doesn't have to be permanent (indeed, they should not be), but rather with Sun duration.

Another idea is to have a spell that summons and outfit with Arcane Connection. Would this be easier?

Could someone give me some examples on how to make such spells? Or ideas for how to make doing this as easy as possible? :slight_smile:




It appears to be a tough spell.

Where's My Pants CrAn35
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Processed Product)
Creates a single item of clothing made from wool or leather, such as a tunic, jacket, shirt or pants. The tailoring is normal and unremarkable, however a Finesse roll can be made to recreate the latest fashion styles.

A simplier version could create an item made of linen.
Where's My Scarborough Shirt CrHe15
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Processed Product)
Creates a linen shirt "without a seam".

If you do not mind a draft, try imaginary clothes.
Where's My Emperors Robe CrIm10
(Base 2, +2 Sun, +2 Moves with the wearer)
Creates any outfit that caster is familiar with and moves with him. It looks and feels like real clothing, but does not keep out the cold. Invented by Lief Liefson Bjornaer who was already so hairy that he only needed to look like he was dressed following complaints by the covenfolk.

Yess! Imaginem is the key here. Thanks :slight_smile:



Harrison you made me snort my drink out of my nose with the last one lol Bravo!! I love it!

Just a historic note if it makes designing clothing any easier. In the era in which Ars is set, the common man (even to the wealthier castes i would think, but open to correction) did not wear pants per se. The fashion was more of a long loose-fitting tunic/robe (maybe an undershirt too), thinly belted (or roped) waistline, hose/leggings and shoes or boots of a fasion. Heads of workers were usually covered with a sort of cloth cap dangling at the sides.

This is what I have found in my historic fashion searches... ... thing.html

or for a more Russian / Eastern European/ Byzantine flair try these pages (Russian) ... ginfo.html (Byzantine)

Generally it seems the means of differentiating between commoners and the wealthier castes wasn’t so much one of style but of the type of material, length of the garment, or other embellishments (beadwork, thread of gold, etc.)

Perhaps Steve will grace us with his expertise in such historical matters :wink:

Well done Harrison :slight_smile:

And thanks for the info, Boxer.

Why does the "emporers new clothes" spring to mind? hope no one has second sight

Im fairly sure "The Emperor's New Clothes" was what Harrison was alluding to.

As for Second Sight, I think the real question is "would anyone give even a naked Bjorner a second glance?" :wink:

Maybe the dog...