Connecting to connections

The recent discussion about (the excellent!) Dire Name made me wonder about the following question: if you have an object, how can you affect Arcane Connections to that object? The corebook states that "Mystically, the arcane connection is still part of the target." So it seems that you could target such a connection with any Target: Part magic affecting the main object.

The problem is, however, that most of the times you cannot perceive directly the Arcane Connection. This brings up another subject: can you affect a Part of something by only seeing that something (e.g. could you use Twist of the Tongue on a character that keeps his mouth shut)? If not, can Intellego on a generic Target make you aware of those parts of the target you may not directly perceive? At what level?

Sounds reasonable.

Yes, this is possible. The example that comes to mind is that you can cast target Part spells to affect a fetus in the third trimester. (Maybe second, too, but I forget.)


I fully agree with the interpretation of callen.