Conspirations: Par Le Menu translation?

Hello there. I'm a newcomer to this board so my apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere.

I've been a huge fan of OTE for many years and yesterday came across a copy of Conspirations. It's a wonderful-looking book, with marvellously atmospheric illustrations. I've read an online review which explains that the scenario, Par Le Menu, is rather splendid too. What a shame I can't speak French!

I'm something of an OTE completist and would love to know what Par Le Menu's all about. Is there a translation anywhere, or even a summary that people could direct me to? I do understand that free translations infringe on Atlas' copyright but I'd be perfectly happy to buy a text version that I could bung into an online translator or summat.

I must surely have a copy floating around the warehouse somewhere, but to be honest I don't know what the scenario is about and my French is not very good. Perhaps one of our Francophone fans on these discussion boards may be able to help...?

I don't have the time nor the skills to translate it all (13 dense pages...). There's no PDF version, as Halloween Concept (the French editor) doesn't exist anymore.
"Par le menu" is about a Mover Vornite who wants to thwart a project of Sir Compton, via Jack O'Grady, an "ogre" who manipulates the past events (in a similar way of Throckmorton) to create a favorable present. The scenario involves amnesia and post-hypnotic memories (Total Recall is a major inspiration)...

Thanks to both Saladdin and Mr. Nephew for taking the time to reply. Par Le Menu certainly sounds intriguing, and an ingenious twist of the 'invisible conspiracy' tone of much of OTE.

Something I try and utilise with my own GMing is the idea that although strange things are happening, nothing explicitly and overtly weird is visible. It could just be that everybody's gone mad and is acting in a bizarre way consistent with each other, and the party, by taking the weirdness seriously, are simply joining in the insanity.

A creature who alters the past to change the present fits right into that. Hmmm... I may have to find a way of working John O'Grady in somehow...


Sounds like your copying my OTE campaign.* :laughing:

*Jez kiddin'