Constantine of Jerbiton - In Progress

A Work in Progress


A warrior-magus, born in Constantinople within the walls of a Jerbiton Covenant, Constantine was marked at a young age by the sack of the city, and the inability of the magi to protect themselves or the great works of art. Although possessing the love of beauty of his fellows, he knows that if treasures are not protected, they will be lost to the ages. He seek out works of art to protect them, and looks for opportunities to avenge himself on those who sacked his beloved city. He thrills in combat, and leading mundanes into battle. He attempts to work magic subtly, lest he bring ruin to his sodales.

Constantine apprenticeship began in the chaos following the sack of the City, and his parens was one of the founding members of Michael's Tabula, the underground Covenant dedicating to restoring the City's former glory. He took well to magic, particularly the art of terram, perhaps inspired by the Covenant's unique patron. He also took to swordsmanship and practiced with the Covenant's resident warrior Wilrich of Flambeau. Ultimately, however, he found working magic within the city difficult. Both the Divine and the Infernal had strong effrets on his magic, and it was discovered that his Parma was flawed, sensitive, perhaps to the betrayal that had struck the City. Once Constantine gauntleted, in consultation with his Parens and other members of the Covenant, it was decided he would leave and join a new multi-house Covenant being founded in Greece. There he would seek out connections and allies to further the mission of restoring Constantinople to greatness.

Age: 28

Int +2 Per -2 Com +1 Pre 0 Str +2 Sta +2 Dex +2 Qik 0

Gentle Gift (Major)
Skilled Parens (minor)
Social Contacts: Constantinople Underworld (House Virtue)
Cautious with Single Weapon (minor)
Deft Form: Terram (minor)
Affinity with Terram (minor)
Puissant Terram (minor)
Improved Characteristics (minor)
Puissant Living Language (minor)

Weak Magic Resistance: From Behind (Major)
Susceptible to Divine Power (minor)
Susceptible to Infernal Power (minor)
Driven: Protect Art and Avenge Constantinople (Major)
Ambitious (minor)
Mentor: Wilrich of Flambeau (minor)

Childhood+Early Life Age 0-12 (45+105=150)
Romaic Greek (Eloquence) 5+2
Constantinople Lore (Underworld) 2
Athletics (Jumping) 2
Awareness (In Darkness) 2
Bargain (Artwork) 2
Brawl (Dodge) 1
Carouse (Staying Sober) 1
Charm (Nobility) 2
Concentration (Spellcasting) 1
Etiquette (Courtly) 2
Folk Ken (Artists) 2
Guile (Elaborate Lies) 2
Intrigue (Plots) 2
Leadership (In Combat) 2
Lingua Franca (Commerce) 1+2
Italian (Nobility) 1+2
French (Nobility) 1+2

Apprenticeship 13-27 (300)
Artes Liberales (Rhetoric) 1
Magic Theory (Terram) 3
Parma Magica (Mentem) 1
Single Weapon (Longsword) 4
Order of Hermes Lore (Magi) 1
Code of Hermes (Mundanes) 1
Finesse (Terram) 1
Penetration (Terram) 1
Infernal Lore (Corruption) 1
Dominion Lore (Angels) 1
Magic Lore (Beasts) 1
Philosophiae (Moral Philosophy) 1
Theology (Saints) 1
Stealth (Shadowing) 2
Teaching (Groups) 1

Arts: (150)

Cr 1 (1)
In 1 (1)
Mu 6 (21)
Pe 6 (21)
Re 6 (21)

Im 6 (21)
Te 11+3 (44*1.5=66)

Spells (150 levels)

Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 10
Disguise of the Transformed Image MuIm 15
Veil of Invisibility PeIm 20
Wizard's Sidestep ReIm 10

Supple Iron and Rigid Rope MuTe 10
Edge of the Razor MuTe 20
Rusted Decay of Ten-Score Years PeTe 10
Obliteration of the Metallic Barrier Pe(Re)Te 20
Invisible Sling of Vilano ReTe 10
The Unseen Porter ReTe 10
The Earth's Carbuncle Re(Mu)Te 15

A few comments.

  • A magus doesn't need the Warrior virtue to get acces to Martial abilities, so all it gives you is an extra 50 xp.
  • Puissant Living Languag is a bit strange for a House virtue, although it is legitimate. Social Contacts would also have worked as a House Jerbiton virtue.
  • If you are specializing in Terram magic and want to "work magic subtly", Deft Art (Terram) would be quite effective. Although Terram is not the most subtle of Arts.

Concept is good, will be interesting to see him developped further.

Thanks for the feedback. True enough about Warrior, I may keep it for the xp or not , and I suppose I could switch up social contacts as the house virtue, might make more sense. Mechanically speaking, Puissant makes my living language equivalent of level 7, which means I can read and write books in Ancient Greek.

Deft Art (Terram) is a good idea. At this point the Terram specialization is a bit of a place holder. Interestingly, while the concept is coming together in my mind, I'm not sure which direction to take my arts. I like the idea of him being a warrior, effectively fighting in the style of Ramius, but I'm not quite sure which spells would be most useful. Terram seems like a good idea, for working with weapons and armor, also to enhance his grogs, buthat's far from the only route. I've also been considering making him more of a sneaky sort, maybe using Imaginem to confuse opponents during battle ... considerations ...

Is this (tentatively) done being tweaked?

Yes, let's consider this a final draft. I may move a few abilities around, maybe a minor virtue or flaw, but little beyond that is likely to change.

Does this mean you have family who are also Jerbiton Magi? Because your house is not your family...
Also, living language, like craft, does not need to specify which one (compare to linguist which gives 25% bonus to both living and dead languages)
I'm coming up with 315 points in abilities,131 points in arts, which leaves you 4 points to spend.

I just recalculated my arts xp and came up with 128: 4*21 + 44 ... I guess that would be 7 more xp.

I wasn't settled on Close Family Ties. I was considering that his mother or father was a magus, but ultimately I wanted a minor story flaw that implicated him in the life and politics of his house. Let me consider it further.

I think everything should be up to date. I've altered the story flaw, and spent the extra xp. I've also made him a little older. While Jerbiton would likely start their apprenticeship younger, I've decided to make him a bit older to represent the disruption in regular covenant activities due to the sack of the City, and the resulting fallout.

I'm coming up with 330 points in abilities and 130 points in arts, which should leave you 5 points left to spend for age 28. Also I notice you have a lot of abilities at low levels- 1's and 2's. You might consider giving you character a bit more focus and having higher levels of fewer abilities.