Consummate talisman clarification.

I've been looking closely at the description of consummate talisman and it says "the magus may enchant MuVi effects with personal range, into his talisman, and may use them on himself when he casts formulaic spells"

When i look at MuVi guidelines, it says that the range touch is necessary to affect my own spell so i don't really get what use you can make of personal range MuVi spells.

Could you clarify it for me ?

Say i want to enchant wizard's boost in my consummate talisman, can i use personal range to affect the spell i cast ? say pillar or fire for exemple ?

Am i reading it badly and i can actually use other ranges for MuVi spells on my consummate talisman?

Thanks in advance.

Well, according to the letter of the rules you can indeed enchant a MuVi effect with personal range, and use it to affect your own spells, even though you yourself would need a Touch Range spell to do the same. Like you, I wonder whether this is intentional or an oversight, but it is very clearly spelled out.

And, really, given that this a Major virtue, it doesn't bother me that it allows you to bend the rules on MuVi ...

I agree with Halancar, it looks like it could very well be an oversight (I suspect If they really meant it they would have noted that this range personal was an exception to the normal rules), but I'm fine with the way that it came out.

Ok, then I guess it a matter to discuss to the troupe, thanks for the answers.