Continuous Creation: Metamagic for rituals?

I am looking for a way to try to adapt the Cr (x) rituals that creat a pile of stuff.

Creating a big pile of gold is great, but a massive vat of milk, not so much.

So I thought of a meta-magic spell that would slow down the creation rate of a Cr ritual, to a year duration and the resulting product would flow out.


  1. What level of breakthrough is this? Major, minor, or not even a breakthrough, just a new application?

  2. What Base should it be?

  3. Should the MuVi spell need an Aq requisite? I'm thinking of be default creating rivers of milk, honey, and gold etc.

  4. Should the spell specify a "prop" for the contents to flow out of?

This came up while I was trying to think of more examples to finish my "30 Boniagus Folios", and so I'd quite like to get half-arsed concepts so that a SG could give the germ of an idea, and then allow a player to refine it, so as to remove some annoying restrictions.

There is also another route to explore which is to modify the "create a spring" guideline from CrAq so that with expenditure of more vis it creates a permanent river of stuff, but that seems much more powerful. Maybe the spell here is the result of trying and failing that approach.

Sorry for rambling, any ideas gratefuly received.


Off the top of my head it would need a breakthrough along the vein of the one outlined for the Augustan Brotherhood, essentially including a Vi requisite in all those spells that allow it to trickle out the Cr(Fo) over time.

Minor breakthrough in ritual spells themselves? You aren't reinventing the wheel so much as adding tyres.

Whilst I can't comment on base levels, maybe the extent of time over which the ritual is 'stretched' chould be reflected in additional magnitudes for duration? That way the further the maga casting deviates from 'instantaneous generation of stuff' type rituals the more vis and mystical oomph she needs to expend. This assumes the same volume of stuff is created as in the standard ritual, however, and would have a specified endpoint; for literal rivers of milk and honey (ick, flies) I'd stick to CrAq rituals and add requisites as necessary.

Now that I've had more time to think it over @Elaterid has a point. Instead of making the D: Momentary, you can make it D: Diameter/Sun/Moon/Year and create a spring that creates a volume of water evenly divided over the duration.

That would be a breakthrough as currently only momentary creo rituals can create stuff. The question is what level.

I will run with that, but thinking of cat skinning is there any milage with metamagic MuVi?


MuVi is where it will be since what you are looking for is something like the Watching Ward.

I was thinking perhaps the Merinita Mystery of Spell Timing and its recurring effects might work, but it doesn't look like lasting Creo effects can be used in recurring spells. It might provide insight for research though?

It would probably add Insight, yes.


Just add a magnitude or two for doing something a little different. Only spontaneous magic needs to rigidly conform; formulaics have wriggle room for things like Treading the Ashen Path. It's right there in the core rules.