Continuous Timing

When do continuous effects occur in a combat round?
IE. A magus has been struck with a source of continuous damage (ie his robes are on fire, or he's been targetted by some damage causing spell with a duration). When does this damage kick in? How does it work with concentration rolls?

I think it applies immediately. Solve each action completely before moving to the next combatant/effect in initiative order. So, if you mage has not cast yet (or is maintaining concentration) and is hit by a damaging effect, he will have the minus (whatever) to his roll due to being hit. If he had already acted this round, the damage would affect his actions in the next combat round.


I'll take a "quantum" view on this and suggest it doesn't matter until it's observed. So as long as it is not being sustained by another character's action (a concentration roll, for instance) I'd resolve on that character's turn before they took their action. If the affected character isn't taking an action I'd resolve at the end of the round or when another character needs to interact.