Convention of the Redcaps (Autumn 1230)

Tiana would run that by the Council before putting something like that on the table. But it is an idea, and one which fills two voters' concerns.

So, we know we have Tiana, Fédora, Erik, Lejla, and Tiana definitely in favour.

We know Simon and Gordon are opposed.

Fédora will speak with them, each in turn, and ask them what they think of the proposal to keep the lodge here, whether they're swaying one way or the other, or if they're waiting to see what kind of deal they can get (or the House can get) to get the Lodge here. She will be sure to mention the agreement that we have struck with Andorra, but holding Vulcanus's crafting of items for the House in reserve), and she will ask if there are any concerns they have about keeping the Lodge here.

Fédora will speak with Miguel to see just what he wants. Does he intend for Barcelona to be the hub of the Portal Network, with all traffic coming through there? (I seem to remember, in Tribunal of Hermes: Iberia, some kerfuffle about Barcelona wanting all magi in Barcelona to register with them or pay them a surcharge or something like that. Does Fédora know anything about that? (Int 1 + Order of Hermes Lore 4 + die roll of 3 = 8.)

Feeling him out too, to see what he has to have to put the hub here as opposed to somewhere else, and emphasizing the defensibility, the nigh-imperviousness of the covenant (as evidenced by how very little damage was done in the last attack), and the fact that most of the infrastructure and resources are already in place here.

Does she feel that the deal we've gotten is good enough to earn her vote, or does she think we (or Andorra) need to sweeten the pot a little?

This is correct.

Response: Yeah, that seems pretty nice. What do you have to eat around here?

She is aware of it, yes. And his desire is for it to be the hub, since more than half the Hermetic traffic within the tribunal, as well as coming from outside, is to and from Barcelona. The Barcelona magi don't like this and feel this is too dangerous, but have learned to profit nicely from it.

Well, it would require getting each of the other covenants connecting with you to agree to have a portal between you. This may require you giving up your childlike insistence on neutrality and officially joining the Iberian Tribunal

As long as there is a Mercere magus involved, she will agree. Without one, she will put her foot down and demand concessions or vote to move.

Do we know of any Mercere magi who may be willing to relocate to Andorra, or who are already planning to? (I was thinking Guillaume, until I noticed that he's part of the Mallorca thing.)

That would work. No one needs to know you plan to ship him off to the chapterhouse (since the idea does not yet exist).

Is he here yet, or en route?

He hasn't been Gauntleted yet, so that may be a problem :wink:

There's the mercurian I designed, who will be stationned at Mallorca.
Which is not really a problem, given the links with andorra and her knowledge of LoH.

That, and I see her as a player-controlled NPC anyway.

I'm not finding him anywhere, is he on the wiki somewhere?

Fédora will take them to the dining hall (having made sure that the food prepared for the guests is well beyond the normal top-notch fare that it provides) and will join them for dinner, continuing to chat them up to sway their vote. Even if they don't seem swayed, she wants them to see that she's sincere in her dedication to the cause.

Fédora attacks this opening, pointing out that the Pyrenees are vastly more defensible than the city of Barcelona (as evidenced by recent events), and asks him if the potential profit outweighs the risk.

[color=blue]"Do you believe that Normandy would agree to the network if we belonged to Iberia? And, likewise, would Iberia accept the situation if we were Normandy? I believe that the only way that both Normandy and Iberia would agree to the network would be if the covenant hosting the Hub were not part of the other Tribunal. If you disagree with my assessment, please explain my error."

[color=blue]"We have entered negotiations to have a Magus Merceris here, and I do not anticipate any problem with his participation. Would that be enough to assuage your worries?"

I don't think you understand. Neither Tribunal can force their constituent members to agree to or pay for establishing a portal. All they can do is organize volunteer efforts and accept donations. It is up to each individual covenant to decide to agree to a portal to another covenant that also agrees. And I doubt many covenants would agree to link with a covenant that refused to join the Tribunal. Most people don't see you as neutral. They see you as lawfully belonging to one tribunal or another and just refusing to participate. Neither Iberia nor Provencal have strict regulations or requirements, so your lack of participation is irrelevant.
But would they trust you?
I also doubt that it can ever be agreed to establish a hub that covers both Provencal and Iberia. Each will likely need it's own and we could link the two.
Or maybe we could link them here. I just thought of that. It makes sense. Make Barcelona the Iberian hub. Or maybe those islands just off the coast. Then make Doisettep the Provencal hub. Link those two hubs here and another portal from here to Harco.

She was an exercice in thought to show mercurian alternatives, and used a first template for the ritual masteries talked about in here (not vital, just helpful). ... 29.chr.pdf

So what does Fedora think about the "hub of hubs" idea? Linking Andorra with Barcelona, Doisettep, and Harco?

Fédora thinks. This plan would still make Andorra the fulcrum of the network, and thus would be one of the more powerful covenants. And, when she proves that she is capable of running such a Mercere house efficiently and effectively, that would give her experience and proven ability for when it comes time to name her the new Prima...whenever that time comes.

So, she will agree.

((I keep forgetting about Doisettep, seeing as how it's not been in any of the editions/sagas I've played. Same thing with Val Negra, which isn't the case here, but still.))

That is why I felt obligated to restate and clarify a few things. The Provencal Tribulal setting has never had a formal sourcebook, but it was described in brief in the ArM3 core rules and the four example covenants from the ArM2 book Covenants all were in Provencal
Anyway, your agreement seals his vote. Arrangements will be made for a Mercere magus to enter in as a member, which clinches Mercuria's vote. I think you guys pretty much have it in the bag. All that is left is for you to draft up a formal proposal.


(...Goooo, Peregrine, go!)

((Which is why I ask for explanation/clarification/exposition sometimes. I started with 4th edition, and the couple of 3rd edition books I have (Iberia, Rome, and Lion of the North) I have just for the setting and pretty much ignore the rules stuff since I don't have the 3rd edition rulebook.

And I'll draw up the formal proposal Wednesday when I'm off work.))

A proposed charter between the Andorran Lodge of Mercere and the Covenant of Andorra:

  • Andorra will receive the same Vis exchange rate that Mercere gives its own members: Form for Form or Technique for Technique at 1:1, or Technique for Form at 2:1 (and vice versa).
  • Andorra will provide the Vis for the casting of the Aegis of the Hearth. The Lodge will provide the service of a Mercurian magus to cast the Aegis at no additional cost to Andorra.
  • The Lodge shall pay Andorra rent equal to 10% of the profits from Portal traffic, to be paid in silver on the winter solstice for the previous year, measured at a rate of £12 per pawn of vis;.
  • Andorra will provide the Lodge with a device by which we may check travelers for magic items within one year of the ratification of this Charter, for which Mercere will provide half again the vis cost of crafting said item.
  • The Lodge will monitor all traffic using the Lodge (particularly the Portals) for foreign magic items brought within our shared Aegis.
  • Andorra will collect no taxes on the profits of the Lodge's mundane hospitality.
  • The Lodge will have Hermes Portals installed connecting it to the Covenants of Barcelona, Doissetep, and Harco.
  • The Lodge will have a Magus Merceris in permanent residence at all times.

((I think I got everything.))

I am uncomfortable with #2, I don't like the idea of outsiders participating in the casting of our Aegis. They can have tokens, and they can participate if they are members.

((Which is why we have a Mercurian in permanent residence. Which, I believe, was what Mercuria was insisting on to get her vote. Or was I misunderstanding that?))