Converting 1e Fu to 2e?

Cheers all, this is my first post here.

I'm running a 2e game and one of my players inquired about an anti-magical Fu path. Sadly, there isn't one in 2e, but I recalled there was a branch of the Storm Turtle path which did this in 1e. I'd like to convert it, but I ran into some difficulty while doing so and I'd like some suggestions.

The first overall problem when converting from 1e to 2e is that Chi and shot costs have changed dramatically. Frex, 1e Natural Order costs 3 Chi and 1 Shot, but 2e Natural Order costs 2 Chi and zero Shots.

The second problem is that some of the Fu powers need to be rewritten; Inner Strength's ability to replace your Magic stat with Kung Fu to determine difficulty of spells cast on you is pretty worthless now (I'm guessing this should just increase Defense now -- maybe make the Chi cost X where X is added to your Defense?).

(Gift of the Storm can be ignored since it doesn't have anything to do with magic).

So TLDR I have three questions:

  1. Has anyone already converted this to 2e?
  2. Is there some sort of rule for converting old Chi/Shot costs to new?
  3. If neither of the above, who wants to help me convert this path?


Don't have the 1e PDF. Wanna send me the schticks you wanna convert? I'm pretty good at game balancing.

I would look at the Path of the Willow and, specifically, Enforced Tranquility and Natural Order. It would be simple enough to make Sorcery versions of them.

The Tranimal Schticks "Rebuke" and "Reflect" would also make reasonably balanced fu schticks. I would personally give them a couple of pre-reqs though. I'd probably make it an 'alternate path' of Willow, requiring the martial artist to take Willow Step, King on the Water, and Walk of a Thousand Steps before taking Rebuke and Reflect.

Sure thing.

As mentioned earlier, this should probably just increase Defense against magic. Perhaps make the Chi cost X where X is added to your Defense? And if so, should this even have a Shot cost?

Shot cost seems fine here, as does the rules text. Not sure if Chi should be higher, lower, or same.

I have NO IDEA why this is even here, as it has nothing to do with protection against magic. We can either just delete it, or keep the name but re-work the power to fill in a gap somewhere -- perhaps something like "When targeted by magic, receive the AV of the attack as healing upon you"? If so, Chi and Shot cost will again need tweaking.

This might not need changing at all, except to replace "defensive action" with "interrupt". Combining this with Gift of the Storm, and a Fu Master could basically turn enemy Blasts into healing for his friends.

I'm fine with the Shot cost, but Chi seems far too expensive. I would also change "end of sequence" to "next keyframe".