Cool effects for an Talisman book

I'm looking for cool effects to enchant into a talisman book and could do with some inspiration.

As ever with Talismans I always think one should consider enchantments that take advantage of the unique opportunities of a talisman, such as personal range effects affecting the talismans owner.

I've got a bunch of effects lined up, but they are all stuff that would work perfectly well in any normal enchanted book, or even as spells. I'm really looking for something that is particularly good, or even only possible, in a talisman.

The numeruos pages may offer additional options for Shape bonuses to be inscribed and opened?

Preservation spells. It is not a durable item. The third for all talismans, really.

PeMe spells in some pages for someone that reads it without permission (the name of the rose).

Desire spells. Read the page. It tells you what the reader desires. InMe

A list of things to do. You look at it, and go away to perform them. Good to get rid of pesky mubdanes. ReMe.

A Pictionary Page. You can write on it and a command word removes the text

Silence in the Library: PeIm 20 (Base 3, +1 Eye, +2 Sun, 0 Ind, +1 Changing Image) Silence your foes, or merely those who annoy you.

A Uniquely Portable Magic: MuAn 10 (Base 4, 0 Per, +2 Concentrate/Item Concentrates, 0 Ind) Shrinks the book to pocket or purse sized. Requisities may be required, depending on the book's composition.

Razor Wit: Cr(Re)He 10 (Base 2, +1 Touch, 0 Mom, +2 Group, +1 Req) Creates ten extremely sharp paper darts and hurls them at your foes.

The numeruos pages may offer additional options for Shape bonuses to be inscribed and opened?

This is limited by the fact representations of shapes don't count as shapes in standard Hermetic magic - it needs to be the actual physical shape.

(This has been contested in the past, although I'm fairly confident in it - if you want to read the various arguments there was a thread on the subject previously here: Talisman Shapes)

You may find this post from my blog My Life as a Grog useful:

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I had some more notes somewhere but didn't end up publishing them LOL.

Actually I just found the accompanying article about Faerie books:

Books as Faeries, Faeries as Books

...and have switched it from a private draft to public so it's accessible.