Copyright: posting play recordings and write ups

I'm intending to do some Ars Magica solo play using 5e with Mythic GME.

I'd like to be able to record and/or blog about this, posting to YouTube and Medium.

If I understand your Fair Use page correctly, I may be violating it by using platforms that monetise my content (whether I do or not) in respect of anything deriving from your copyright.

I want to ask therefore:

  • Can I use concepts like Parma Magica that are in effect part of the basic mechanics?
  • Can I use in addition, material from published supplements e.g. Tribunal book content?

I can probably work around the second one by replacing your background content with my own, but the first one is a bit harder to deal with.

I did look and I couldn't see anything that answered these specific questions.

Thanks for the awesome content!

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We generally approach livestreams/actual play as along the same lines as reviews. If you're not sure, then you could just wait to post until we release the game as open license later this year: ANNO MAGICA 2024


Thank you :slight_smile: