Core Rulebook

Is anyone aware of a thread with a discussion limited to the content in the Core Rulebook?

If there is no such thread, would this be a topic of interest to forum users?

I do not know of such a thread, but if you wished to frame your question in such a way to limit discussion to that book, I don't think anyone would avoid it.

There is a member of the community who has asked that no one reference a fanzine in threads that member begins, so restricting conversation to a specific set of content does happen.


Go ahead and give it a try. Just be clear in how you write what you seek. And watch out for any well meaning answers which may accidentally go beyond the core book. I see no reason why this shouldn't work.

Very happy to comment in a thread like that. Seems a reasonable ask.

Considering the quantity of extra material, it is a perfectly reasonable to request only reference to the core rulebook when you bring a topic.

I'd be more than happy to discuss questions based on the core rulebook alone; I think it's a great exercise to get fluent in the core rules.