Cornwall gazetter - bare boines

I've beaten this into a basic shape. My next steps are:

stat up the three covenant sites.
go through and put either page numbers or stats for the monsters mentioned.
try to commission some maps. ... ents-page/

So, this isn't an ashcan draft - but I wanted to explain the progress I'm making to the group, given that some of you have been so generous to the podcast on Patreon.

Hi Timothy,
I just want to say that this is really great stuff.

For those of us not in the know, who is "the group" that you're writing this for?

The "group" are the fans of the game. It'll be released free when ready. It's not part of the ArM5 line: just a fan work.

I'm glad you are liking it. As I'm writing the covenants up, I'm finding that it may need to be recut, so that it's easier to use if you are new to the game. An advantage to free /web work like this is that you can cut the material in different ways (new players, experienced players, new troupes, SGs and players who want spoilers, for example).

Yes, great great work, Timothy. A lot of inspiration. Thank you.

Instead of stating up the three sites I've just suggested boons and hooks. Given the amount of work some of us put into Sabrina's Rest, I don't think I need to write up a vanilla covenant again so soon, particularly because you can sail from Sabrina's Rest to Cornwall in about half an hour.

So, tomorrow is monster stat day, which I'm not looking forward to, but that caps off the writing of the rough draft.

Eventually I hope to go back and expand bits of it. Stellasper could do with a write-up of its stations. Surum could do with a map and some more demon types. Tintagel needs a lot more Arthur. Still, this project has gone on for way longer than I had hoped, and it needs, at least for a while, to reach some sort of finishing point. 8)

Greatly looking forward to this Timothy!

For now, this is the best I can do...

timothyferguson.files.wordpress ... tion-1.pdf

I hope to go back to it, over time, and add more material. As is always the case, having finished it twice and reopened it for just one more source, I now have another source who has not been included, and she's a modern female author from Cornwall, so she's providing all kinds of valuable information.

I've talked about this more on the blog, and thanked people there, but I'll be watching Cornwall closely. I don't have a lot of time for the podcast at the moment, and I need to know if other books of collected material like this are popular enough to justify not using that time recording fresh content.

Thanks you all. This has not been simple, or easy, and the community has been a great support.

That's a big pile of work!

One possible typo - on page 7 you spell Restormel as Restmorel repeatedly. Is this the result of historical research telling you the spelling has changed over time, or a spellcheck problem?

A bit of each. I should change it, the way I did Cardinha.m