Corruption and Sacrifice

I have a rather embarrassing question related to the creation of Infernal Auras... :blush:

While page 12 of RoP: TI is very clear that a major sin must be performed in a ritual fashion and that a Sacrifice may be made to increase the Corruption Total what I'd like to know is: can a single (suitably performed) murder count as both the triggering sin and the Sacrifice?

Example: Johannes Teufel lures a child back to his secluded cabin (Dominion 2) on the edge of outskirts of town and ritually tortures him to death. Is Johannes entitled to a +8 bonus on his Corruption Total for performing a human sacrifice or not?

This act is so heinous that I would certainly entitle Johannes to the +8 :cry: ouch

I am happy that my players are mass murderers sometimes, but do not even think of torturing children


Don't worry, Johannes is an NPC villain. :smiley: I just rolled low and wanted to determine if it was credible for him to have generated the aura that engulfs his lair using only Corruption as I'd originally planned or whether I'd have to revise his background...

that should work